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I was lied to day 1 and had no idea the extent of the nightmare we would be dealing with

April 1st I leased an RV from camping world in nashville. I was lied to day 1 and had no idea the extent of the nightmare we would be dealing with. I purchased the RV for 46,000 and put 8,000 down to bring our payments down and our total but when my husband took in the check for down payment they had changed our total amount due and didnt inform me and my husband so we signed the documents we thought we had already seen.

They mislead my husband to sign there new documents and then handed us the old documents telling us it was a copy which showed our original lease amount. Before finding this out they didnt deliver RV when they said they would and when they finally did it was not in working condition.

The power converter was blown the pipes were all leaking and they popped the tire. They also delivered without power cord that I had to make the trip all the way back to nashville for.

They also locked the keys in the RV and we had to break in to get them the first night. We purched all safety nets to make sure we would be covered if anything was to happen to the rv. This is what they explained to us and turns out that it didnt cover anything that THEY broke. Even though I keep getting told It should have so I had to come out of pocket to fix all there damages.

The lies we have been told from day one are insurmountable. And of course anytime I try to get help or get answers they continue to gaslight me. Im stuck at the moment and have no idea where to turn. Cant afford a lawyer because this company broke me.

Name: Crystal Green

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