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I will be filing a lawsuit against them

Wife and I had camping world install 5 solar panels and has been dry for a month after it had a heavy rain storm we had a tiny leak took a day off work to take it back So they could fix the leak got a call a few hours later telling me that they ran a water hose on the area no leaks then tells me it poored hard rain that same day and still no leak so they kepted it all weekend still no leak so we picked it up thinking it was finally dried up what lapsealant they put down two weeks later another heavy down poor of rain and a heavier water leak now more water damage has been done.

As we live in our rv full time now we have to pay for a hotel every time it's in the shop so now they have to fix it again and we will stay in hotel till they fix the leak and they will be paying for the hotel stay till they can fix the leak for good. I called to let the deals hip service know about this same leak that is worse I told them I needed to bring it in now that we can't wait a month sense we paid $1000 already for the work they done just to install 5 solar panels. plus what I've paid to keep it as dry as we can till they can fix it. I called them waited at my job for a call back for 3 hours no call and no one has even called me the next day either. So I will be filing a lawsuit against them for shorty work and loss of wages and lost time.

Name: Danny Smith

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