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I will never again use this company

I took my 2008 Winnebago View to:

Camping World Rochester, MN is located in Oronoco, and asked them to call me with a price for the domed skylight (It had blown off in high winds in South Dakota).

I also asked them to fill it with propane and replace the 3” couplers on the sewer lines.

After 10 days I went and they had done NOTHING except put a chincy piece of plastic over the hole in the roof.

I needed my vehicle back and Travis said I owed them $589.93.

I said I don’t owe you anything, you did nothing I asked. He said we diagnosed it- I told Travis you diagnosed nothing, I came in here and told you Exactly what I wanted and you did none of it.

Travis told me I can’t take my vehicle without paying. I wrote a check left the property then stopped payment on the check.

I will never again use this company.

Name: Merri Bright

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