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I will NEVER buy from CW again ever

We purchased a 2022 Forest River Salem Hemisphere 36FL one month ago. It’s a fifth wheel. We walked in and explained our real estate bad transaction that left us homeless. We had a small Winnebago motor home that we traded for this fifth wheel. Our salesman was extremely nice. He was sad to learn of our housing predicament and helped us pick out a “home” that was large enough to “live” in. We explained we had no where to live right now except our small motor home, and that we had no way to transport it without a truck. He assured us no problem they would deliver it for us.

We were hesitate but after several months of living in extremely tight quarters we caved it and left a $5000 deposit. We made an appointment to come back the next day at 1pm to close the deal. We sat and waited 3 hours for the finance guy to get done with another customer

(That should of been our wake up call). Around 400pm our customer service guy came and told us that our motor home had a leak under the fridge and it was going to cost us $3500 to fix it. Now mind you, we have never had a problem with this motor home. When I heard that, I went out to the car. I was already tired of waiting so long and now you tell me you want another $3500? And I just gave you a check for $5000? I left my husband sitting there cause at that point I just wanted to get our motor home and go back home.

That’s exactly what I should have done but did not. I came back in and find 2 camping world people, one a assistant manager and our guy talking to my husband about the $3500 we also owe. They will happily split the $3500 and now we only one a additional $1750 🤦🏻‍♀️ We were taken to the financial guy and quickly signed papers. When I say quickly, I mean quickly. We should have been smarter and read what we were signing but it was sign here, initial here and now your done. It took all of 30 minutes to sign, get the keys , and of course don’t forget to sign for that extended warranty plan.

2 days later it’s delivered and set up for us. Everything works.

We make our first payment.

We’re in the camper for 3 weeks when we are told we cannot live in the camper. Better yet we can live in it, but it cannot be hooked to public utilities like water, sewer and lites on our own property. It has to be moved to a rv park. We just took $175,000 out of our retirement money purchased a house and 3 acres and find out the house has a “shitload” of problems, we can’t live there, we can’t live in the new RV and the old motor home has been traded in.

Ok now where do we go from here?

We move in with my mom for now

I call Camping World. No return calls.

I text the customer service and they said I can’t bring it back. They might be able to do a consignment. I hear nothing for a week then I text again. CW says we can sell it for $49,000 and you will owe $60,000. WTF? It’s one month old and you can only sell it for $49,000. I will NEVER buy from CW again ever. What I’ve learned is this:

Take all the time you need to read those contracts. Even if they are being pushy, take your time. Listen to your gut feeling. Stick with your gut.

If it seems to good to be true it is.

I’m not sure what our plan is but hopefully we will get out of it. I’m sure we will take a loss and it’s heartbreaking for us but we have learned a valuable lesson. Do not buy from Camping World. Once the sale is over, they no longer care. You are just a number

Name: Ivalene Lyons

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