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We were wintering in New Braunfels Texas and our coach was due for an oil change. Camping World had advertised a special on oil changes for about $100.00 and we decided to make an appointment. The earliest they could get us in was two weeks out so we booked it.

Since we were going to have to wait two weeks, we decided to have them fix our endide washer/dryer which was not working. whenever we tried to start it, we would get a few beeps and some flashing lights. but it would not start. They said they could fix it, so we took the washer/dryer out of the coach and delivered it to them and they agreed to have it ready for us to reinstall at our oil change in two weeks.

After waiting for word until the Friday before our Monday oil change we decided we better call to see if they had the w/d fixed. We called about 9 in the morning and no one new anything and would have to call us back. About 2:30 they finally called us back and said it was the door switch, but they didn't have one in stock. (In other words..I am pretty sure that they hadn't bothered to even look at it until that day,) I asked if they could get one sent overnight and have it installed and ready for us at our oil change. They told me I would have to pay extra for the overnight delivery and I agreed.

On Monday, we went for our oil change appointment, and we told them we would go eat breakfast and for them to call us when it was ready. After about 2 1/2 hours they called and said it was ready. We arrived to pick up the coach and the bill was over $ 900.00!!!!! On top of that they told us that they had gotten the w/d to work in the shop but, when they put it back in the coach it wouldn't work and was doing the same lights and beeping as before. Of course I was outraged. $800.00 TO NOT FIX OUR W/D????

When I raised cain, they would only agree to drop the w/d repair to $ 400.00!!!! THEY WOULD NOT GIVE US OUR COACH BACK UNTIL WE PAID THE $ 500.00!!!! On top of all that, when we finally were allowed to go out and get our coach, the slide that had the w/d in it would not come back in...after playing with the switches and partially manually retracting it, we finally got it to come back in. We had not had any issues with it before, and my opinion only is that they did something intentionally because they were angered that I still thought that $400.00 was a lot to pay to not have my w/d fixed.

Later, when I decided to try to fix the w/d myself, I called endide and they sold me a door switch for less than $50. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN ANOTHER CAMPING WORLD AGAIN!!!!!!!

Name: tommy

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