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I would recommend AGAINST doing business with Camping World

I would recommend AGAINST doing business with Camping World's Greenville, NC, store. They'll tell you what you want to hear to make the sale, then they'll screw you on the backend. My wife and I bought a used class A on May 28, 2022. it's now July 30, 2022, and our "new" RV is still sitting in their shop waiting for repairs that were promised to be completed over a month ago. I've made the first two payments and still don't have a functioning RV. They still haven't even completed the title or registration that was paid for. We bought this RV to make a "trip of a lifetime" for my two young girls to see the country, driving from NC to Oregon, for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. We had to cancel the trip because we believed the lies of the store manager, sales team, and service manager, that our RV would be ready. It never was. We requested Camping World take the RV back and refund our down payment, even emailing the "VIP" email address, which only gets you another member of the local lying team. They've given us the run around at every turn. Were active-duty military and this is our first RV and feel like our ignorance was taken advantage of. If this saves someone else the misery we're experiencing, then we're happy to help. My phone number is 419-980-8671, if you'd like to text any question. Good luck.

By the way...I would assume that any positive reviews on this site are probably generated by the staff of Greenville Camping World. They are a lying bunch that likely pay their employees to create fake positive reviews. Don't believe me? Go buy an RV from Greenville.

Mid-October 2022...still waiting for these liars to do what they've repeatedly promised.

February 2023...Camping World "bought" the RV back, meaning they paid of the bank loan, but they refuse to return our down payment and the monthly payments that we've made over the last year, that they promised we'd get back. In total, Camping World still owes us $13,200. I've got a signed agreement, and it might be time to get a lawyer.

Name: Dave Hampton

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Feb 21, 2023

Strange how I see no comments on this sight?

Anyway. I agree and add, I do not recommend even entering the business to avoid all the scams. Everywhere. Not even for a water hose. Mr. profit owns good sams and the whole ploy to make you spend your money In every way.

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