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If I wrote everything down here it would take a book

Our horror story begin on January 13, 2020 when my father-in-law Marion T Gainey purchased a 2020 Keystone Bullet 291 RLS from the Camping World in Myrtle Beach, SC for us. The day we went to pick the unit up we had a scheduled appointment time as they were supposed to check everything out on the unit to make sure there were no issues. Biggest lie ever told!

Upon picking up the unit and bringing it home we had stopped by a fast food place to get a bite to eat and was looking at the unit and noticed a gap in the slide out on the front. The sealant and rubber had pulled away from the wall. There were also issues with screws in the control box being loose. The steps that go into the living area had knocked paint off of the screen door. This takes the cake my son had climbed on the unit the next day and on the sealant that was around the different vents and things pine straw was imbedded in the sealant itself.

If these people would have checked this unit out like they promised us there is no way they would have missed that. We also noticed on the front quarter panel in between the bedroom door and the front of the unit there was a bow present there. We could see it and feel it. They opted not to repair this because they said the manufacturer said that it fell within specs.

Now get this I found paperwork in the Keystone Manual Bag from a dealer that received this unit in first which was a dealer in Florida. On the check in sheet it mentioned the bow on the front but no one at the Myrtle Beach location disclosed anything to my father-in-law and I about that. We would have never purchased something brand new that was already defected.

We took it back to their repair shop to have it repaired. They kept it for about 2 months and get this my son and I went to pick it up when they had called and said that it was ready and when we got there my son had climbed on the back spare tire to look at the roof they hadn't touched it the pine straw was still on it and when we confronted them about it oh so and so didn't do his job. Yeah right.

The roof was supposed to be stripped and resealed which they said they would do. When they bought the unit back home to us my son was going to wash it and was looking at the roof and the pine straw had been plucked out but the reseal job wasn't done.

Now the horror continues. We are camping this past summer and the a/c wasn't working properly. Never cooled at all. If it was 95 outside it was 90 in our unit. We contacted Camping World but they said we would have to bring it down there and get this we had already paid money to leave it at the place for 30 days so we didn't want to lose that money so we tolerated it.

If I wrote everything down here it would take a book almost to do so. We have had so many more issues with this unit. In September of 2020 we took it back down there for even more repairs. I believe it was about 12 in all.

I had reached out to the manufacturer about the a/c and they told me that I could request for a different brand a/c because we had to go through all we went through with the original one. Also they would cover it and also told me how to handle it so I forwarded the email to their service manager. What do you think happened? The same sorry unit got put back on.

So on the 18th of January, We made a trip down to check on the unit. I had asked the head of service for a ladder to look at the roof. Again it hadn't been done as they promised, they only patched it some of the areas and get this it had rained on that before it dried so you can imagine what it looked like. I told him there was no way because they were supposed to do a complete reseal. His response was I will look at it but if I think it will be okay I am not going to touch it.

Plus I told him about the a/c and that I had not one but two emails from the manufacturer and fact I showed him one of my wife's phone. He said that I would need to forward those to him when I got home and he would look into it which I did. We were suppose to hear something back by this past Friday but just as I expected nothing.

Listen for anyone reading this stay away from Camping World of Myrtle Beach, SC. We have been though a night mare and this is the second time. I can say this it will be our last!

Name: Glenn Melton

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