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I'm pretty sure the camper I looked at and the camper they delivered to my home are not the same

In Sept of 2022, my home was devastated by Hurricane Ian. When i came back home after evacuation and some time spent with friends and family up North, i decided to purchase a camper to live in until our home was rebuilt. On 10/28/22 i signed the paperwork purchasing a 2022 Heartland Pioneer.

I did a walk thru of this camper twice before it was signed off on and at the time did not see all the little things that were wrong with it. I'm pretty sure the camper I looked at and the camper they delivered to my home are not the same units. The camper they delivered to me has water damage on the face of the kitchen that is build on a slide out. There is rust on the back ramp door (its a toy hauler) where it has been leaking from the top of the door. there is a lot of poor craftsmanship. things that are warped or peeling from moisture and humidity. We opened up the awning and 30 mins later it fell off the camper.

I called camping world and complained about the condition of the camper and got ignored, no call backs. the girls that answer the phone would monitor the incoming calls and just let me go to voicemail. so finally i called corporate, they were going to take care of me. They would get me a new unit or get me out of the loan all together. then they stopped answering calls or calling back. if i emailed i would get a call. otherwise i get ignored.

Its now half way thru January i still have a wreck of a camper sitting in my yard and still unable to use it. They tell me to use it that they will come get and fix it when everything is in. i don't trust them to take it and fix it with all my stuff in it. i have told them they need to do the repairs here. Other people have told me there is no reason they can't come to me.

Has anyone talked about starting a class action against them for fraud? selling disasters under false pretenses, taking advantage of people who are victims of other circumstances? I would like in if so. Please reach out to me via email and lets see if we can get something done for everyone on here. no one is finding this page until after they have become victims of this shady business.

Name: Anne L

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