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It appears that I'll have to seek legal assistance

2021 - Fall

• Called numerous times before I was finally able to get someone

• Scheduled the service call and brought my camper in. I…

- I showed them pictures

- Explained where it was, in general

- Left the cover off the tub for them to look

• The Service Manager was no help

• Weeks went by with not a word

• Again, I had to make numerous call to get someone in service to call me back

• When I asked them what was going on with checking for the leak they admitted that they hadn't even gotten to it because the never got it on the schedule. They said they would get to it that day and would test for a number of days.

• A week later the called me and told me that there's nothing wrong and that there was no leak.

- I reminded them of the pictures and explained what I saw and cleaned up and they insisted there was no leak

- They told me it was just spilled water from the sink, toilet or shower. Likely something we did

- When I continued to insist that it was a leak, I was told me that if I wanted them to dig any further, there would be a service charge, even though it was still under maintenance.

- By then it was getting close to a freeze, so I had to have them winterize it.

2022 - Fall

• Last year we only camped twice due to medical issues with my wife.

• First time was just a weekend and we didn't really do much in the camper, basically slept and were then out and about.

• The second time we camped in the late fall, for a couple weeks/weekends. We noticed the water again on the final weekend. I tried calling service again, and never got a response.

• Again, I cleaned up the water and waited for a return call. I never got one, so I finally had to winterize again, but this time, it took it elsewhere to get it winterized. They did a fantastic job, took one day to get it scheduled and done.

2023 - Spring

• This spring I asked the service company that winterized our camper to check to see if they could find the leak. I told them of my experience with Camping World Service and that they insisted there was no leak.

• They tested that day and part of the next day and came back to me and told me they found the leak and that there was a crack in the water heater and that its been slowly leaking for some time. They noted that the leak has inflected severe damage to the floor and our cabinets. There is separation of the flooring, a soft spot on the floor, damage to the bases of cabinets and damage to the bottom of the bathroom wall.

• Took then a day and a half to find the leak that Camping World said wasn't there!

• I have tried waging a complaint, again, by starting with the with the corporate website.

- I got a call from someone there and explained the situation and that I really didn't want to talk to anyone here in Madison because of how badly they'd done previously.

- However, she simply referred me to the General Manager here in Madison, basically "kicking the can down the road".

- I have tried three times (each one showing greater and greater frustration) and no call back from the GM in Madison. Just as I'd expected.

- I have now called corporate contact again and issued a pretty heavy threat to have someone get back to me. We'll see…

• It appears that I'll have to seek legal assistance. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Name: Bill Prihoda

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