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It has been so frustrating.

We needed a tow on the Alcan Highway in Canada. My husband was on his phone trying to reach a tow company while I was on the phone with Good Sam Roadside Assistance. The woman I talked to said if you have a tow that will come then let them come and you can send the claim in for reimbursement. They denied the claim saying we never called them so I sent them proof of the phone call. Then they said we were denied because we didn’t use their tow truck. It has been so frustrating. I have asked them to please listen to the phone call and they just say the claim is denied. It has been so frustrating. When I call corporate they say the matter is closed and hang up on me. I have tried numerous times.

Do not buy anything from Good Sam/Camping World. Let’s put them out of business. Marcus Lemonis is so dishonest.

Name: Judy Bozoian

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