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It’s been in the shop since the day I picked it up

But a arc trailer Stevenson Ranch ca as soon as I drove off with it there was so many problems I didn’t enjoy it once .

It’s been in the shop since the day I picked it up. the door flew off then they wanted to charge me. the floors buckle they said this is what happens when you drive the trailer off the lot they had me pay $1000 before I left to make sure everything is in working condition I already told him that it had a door problem before I left and they gave me $100 gift certificate to keep me quiet basically I’m making payments on something that’s not even safe to be in the walls are buckling in it. At this point I don’t even know what to do I’ve called the district office and put a complaint and then they just send me back to this office where I purchased it at then I go to pick it up and they want me to pay over $400 then they act like they’re doing me a courtesy by waiving the $400 . So if anyone can help please do.

Name: Vartan Haghverdian

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