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It took 4+ years to get this rig “right”, there is no way we could recoup the money we have lost

In the spring of 2016 my husband and I bought our lemon Forest River Cedar Creek from Grain Valley Missouri Camping World. We had a few small issues that we knew of right off the bat and over the next 6 months the 5th wheel had many serious issues.

After several attempts to have it fixed at nearby Camping Worlds (which they claimed would be an advantage of buying from them, yet they refused to work on it at any other Camping World we attempted) the RV had to go back to the factory in Indiana.

Months of traveling to dealerships and calling to find someone to fix an exterior wall amounts to 80+ other things that were wrong with it. There were power, sewer, and structural issues. We made videos of everything to document all of it and put it all on YouTube.

We finally got the last item repaired at the factory this summer. It took 4+ years to get this rig “right” and there is no way we could ever sell it to recoup the money we have lost. Worse yet, we went fulltime in this RV. So we had to get it fixed.

We have a Good Sam warranty they refused to return after they refused to repair our RV. We got lucky that it went back to the factory but it was considerable hardship to our family. We bought the Good Sam Warranty which we found out did not cover really anything on the RV.

This was supposed to be a healing journey for my husband who suffers from PTSD from his time in the service. It’s been very challenging for both of us. We tried to make the best of it, but we can’t deny the harm it has done to our financial well being or stress levels over the years.

Name: John & Laura Hebard

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