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It took persistence, tenacity, stubbornness, and determination to get cancelation and refunds

I purchased a used 2018 Coachmen Crossfit from Gander Mt in St Augustine FL in November 2019. It was a long day, so I kind of glazed over during the financial pitch and agreed to buy several Good Sam products which were added to my contract. When I finally got home to Charlotte NC several days later, I studied the contract and realized they had charged me almost $10,000 (final price after 7-years of interest) for products I could purchase directly thru Good Sam (also a sister company to the Camping World family) for under $4000.

Mine is a success story, but only after months of phone calls and emails to the loyal members of Marcus' Team. It took persistence, tenacity, stubbornness, and determination to get cancelation and refunds for 5 protection products and additional refunds of nearly $1000 for work that was not completed by the dealership as requested in the purchase agreement.

I believe the only reason the salesman and financial advisor got away with the original farce was by taking advantage of an exhausted, widowed, senior citizen. In hindsight, it's my fault because I didn't walk out of the deal when I started feeling frustrated. My advice - Beware and have all your wits about you when dealing with these giants, or any fast-talking salesperson.


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Patty Outlaw
Patty Outlaw
14 févr. 2022

I am having a similar situation here in Pensacola. I am disabled take medications, going through divorce, and a hurricane just destroyed my house. The main issue I was in No condition to buy anything. So I get swindled into buying a camper from Gulf Breeze Camping World. The next day I realize that I am paying twice as much in finance charges than the camper is wort. So I called to cancel this contract. No way! I was told. I put a 20,000$ down payment. . The camper was never delivered, but they won't let me out of the contract. so far I have been unable to find an attorney that will take this case. Can anyone give me…

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