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Kitchen sink literally fell into the counter

Purchased a 2022 heartland RV in March 2022. Tires blew out within 200 miles. Called for warranty and I was told "tires are only covered for 30ft or 30 seconds, whichever comes first". There went 1k on tires. Then.... Slideout binding, Fuel Pump control toast and corroded wires, marker lights falling of the trailer. Kitchen sink literally fell into the counter, shower drain flooded underbelly, trim coming off the walls and wall panels bubbling, the slideout actually ripped the linoleum off the floor, fenders flapping in the wind.... I WAS CHARGED INSPECTION ON ALL LISTED ITEMS BECAUSE WARRANTY DENIED. 800 bucks in "inspection" charges with nothing done to remedy. They did approve the buckled stabilizers. This was in July 2022. After much arguing and threatening to picket in front of their store, they managed to approve some of the warranty claims. They said they need to order some parts. OK it is now October, still waiting on parts. DO NOT TRUST THE WARRANTY SERVICE. PLEASE, SOMEONE DIRECT ME TO AN ATTORNEY IN OREGON THAT CAN DISCUSS LEMON LAW AND FRAUDULENT / AGGRESSIVE SALES TACTICS

Name: John

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