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We lost our home to mold , after 25year. And we bought a small trailer to live in until we could get a small house built, gave them 3, 400 down and not a penny went to the principal of the trailer, they took it all, they asked us if we would like to buy the extended warranty and we said no. But they charge us over 2,000 for the extended warranty, so I called the extended warranty, and gave them the Vin number. And she said mam, you don't have any insurance with us. I call cw and they said they would put the 2,000 to the principal. Liars we didn't have an extended warranty, the low life's just took our money, and the travel trailer is just plagued with problems. And they are coming to cape mo. To rip more people off. Just look at the BBB report. Then run from camping world. Because the whole time they are ripping you off they smile.

Name: Anonymous

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