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My suggestion to ANYONE thinking about purchasing an RV through Camping World is... “Buyer Beware"

Hello. My name is Sheline McNair. I’m providing a nutshell overview of my horrible experience with Camping World RV Sales. September 2019, I purchased, to what I initially believed, a supposedly brand new RV from Camping World RV Sales. A very short time after purchase, solid information began to surface, being highly suggestive, to the fact that my RV was in fact previously owned. In addition, it was later discovered that my RV was riddled with numerous well recorded defects, to which Camping World RV Sales’ did not properly disclose to me prior to my purchase.

After several months of filing written complaints, through several local and outside government Agencies, in conjunction to filing official written complaints through CWRV Sales’ Corporate Office, CWRV Sales Corporate Office Personnel offered MAJOR resistance, as evidenced by their continual dismissive claim the RV was new. Through diligent investigative means, I even made contact with the previous RV owner, who confirmed to me that said RV was in fact the Subject of a Previous Retail Sale.

Through my continued effort to make this Wrong a Right, pertaining to my questionable RV, I recently made contact with Ms. Gigi Stetler and I thoroughly explained my “Of Grave Concern” situation to her. Based upon mine and Ms. Stetler’s numerous conversations, Ms. Stetler was extremely open to assist. At this point, I hired Ms. Stetler to help me. After 10 long months, I am very happy to announce that, July 2020, Camping World RV Sales’ repurchased my RV and monies was returned back to me. It was through Ms. Gigi Stetler’s assistance and RVACA that got me the positive results I very much needed to get me through and finalize my horrible Camping World RV purchase experience.

My suggestion to ANYONE thinking about purchasing an RV through Camping World is . . . “Buyer Beware!” As my final & strong suggestion to everyone, before considering purchasing an RV from any RV Dealership, it would be within the consumer’s very best interest to seek and contact RVACA advisor, Ms. Gigi Stetler, prior to purchase, to receive her honest advice and clear direction with your purchase. I truly believe that had I known of Ms. Stetler prior to my dealings with Camping World RV Sales, I would have been able to completely avoid the Nightmarish Camping World Deceptive Business Practices.

Name: Sheline McNair

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