Oh, but you can still drive it can't you.😡😡

Bought a brand new 2021 Coleman 263BH, first time out 2 outlets didn't work, 1 outside speaker not working, radio won't connect to Bluetooth, outside shower had a kink in the feed hose behind a panel wouldn't work. Mind you this is brand new!

Next time out tv antenna only got 3 channels, last time in the same area got almost 40. The general manager of camping world jordan minnesota told me make a list, as long as you can still keep camping, and bring it in at the end of the season. What?? If you paid $32,000 for a new car and the radio didn't work, your cell phone charger didn't work, your display screen didn't work, and you windshield washer didn't work. What would you do? Oh, but you can still drive it can't you.😡😡

Name: Brian Hart

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