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Our dreams are being destroyed dealing with these people!!!

We sold our 2020 Thor Chateau to Gander rv Coxsakie ny a little over a month now, it is a direct sale not a consignment, they were supposed to transfer the money to our bank loan, they have not, this has put the camper a month behind in payment.

We have reached out to everyone even cooperate headquarters who said it would be taken care of the end of last week, now cooperate headquarters are not even returning our phone calls, this is effecting our credit.

The kicker is they posted the camper online for sale and now says sales pending, they never returned the plates to the dmv. We have received a letter stating they are going to suspend my husband's driver's license as he canceled the insurance on it a day after the sale and if it is sold it was sold illegally and will be repossessed from the new owners, another victim.

My husband is a Nys corrections officer and I am a nurse. We worked hard all our lives and were about to retire and buy a house in Florida our dreams are being destroyed dealing with these people!!!

Name: Michelle Fortin

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