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Future buyer beware, Our horror story continues


Our horror story continues with another phone call to Camping World, Oakwood, Ga. The service manager Jim called Monday, June 21, after my husband picked up our brand new camper we purchased in March, 2021 for another round of "ghost repairs". I called them ghost repairs because we keep getting phones calls to pick our REPAIRED CAMPER and nothing has been repaired. ( I wonder if JayCo is being billed for these repairs that do not happen on my camper.)

Anyway, Jim informed my husband, "I am going to come to your house, pick up your camper and get it in the shop ASAP." The person from Camping World picked up the camper Tuesday morning. My husband made a follow up phone call this morning.....Jim, the service manager informs Nelson this, "I do not remember picking up your camper, ain't got no notes on it, let me call you back." (this is a quote, grammar and all). I have never had the misfortune to do business with such incompetent. untruthful, ignoramus people in my entire life.

Please future potential camper buyers, go to "Joe's bar and grill" for a better buying experience. Camping World, Oakwood, Georgia is nothing but a horrible joke that I am paying a monthly payment just to post my experience. I wonder how anyone at Camping World would feel if I had the same ethics and morals concerning my professional career would be if I treated them the way they are treating my husband and myself.

Name: Kathy Walden

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