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Our RV has been in the shop more than we have been able to use it

Where to start, oh at the beginning. When we first bought our RV (2018) in Colorado, they had a new person complete our walkthrough, he didn’t know what half of the unit did, and every question we asked he had no answer for and said he would find out, we never got any responses, we instead decided to just google our questions at a later date. They sold us on an extended warrantee that I have now been told covers almost nothing. Also, the unit they sold us was said to have a kitchen on the back. When we drove away, we got to our first gas station about an hour from the dealer and realized there was no outdoor kitchen. So we called, and they said to bring it back. So we brought the unit back for them to tell us to leave it with them, they would order a kitchen, and we could pick it up three weeks later, come to find out they just took the unit off another unit off the lot, and when we picked it up it was not hooked up so we could use it. We lived over two hours away, and this was the closest place that had the RV we had searched for and researched for over 7 months. So we drove back picked up our RV.

Our first camping trip out was the week after we purchased it. The furnace did not work; we had to buy space heaters and froze in Colorado that weekend. The next night we went to bed, and my daughter started screaming, she got up to go to the bathroom, and the RV was flooded. We woke up and found water pouring out of the line behind the entertainment area. My husband turned off the water, pulled the panel off, and found the fitting was not tightened or fitted improperly. So not my entire unit, aside from the master and the kitchen, was soaked. We used every towel we had brought and used a broom to push the water out the back door of the toy hauler. I was pissed, my family is very allergic to Mold, and my worry was that it was going to mold. When I called the dealer, they said, you can bring it back, and we can look at it. So we did; even though there was a closer camping world that could have looked at it, they said they had to be the ones to take a look. They looked over the RV and said they would fix it. They had to pull out the fireplace and get to the pipe that was broken.... Also, we were told that the RV should dry out just fine....

We were planning on moving to GA, and our last couple of weeks in Colorado were supposed to be in the RV. We ended up staying in a hotel due to the unit not working. We were told that it was too cold outside for the furnace to keep up. We bought the arctic package because we were starting out in CO. We moved, and everything seemed ok, once we were where it was warm.

After getting to GA, though, we realized that our tanks would not empty. We completed all the steps the boy had given and still couldn't get it to work. So we drove it an hour away to another camping world in Byron, GA. We were told to leave the RV for a few days, and when we returned, they said that the stickers labeling the black and gray tanks were switched, and there were no labels for the back tanks. Also, during the walk through the young man never told us there were two different sets of tanks. So, we were draining them in the wrong order, which causes our tanks to muck up. So, even though it was not our fault, we had to pay 300.00 for the camping world to drain our tanks, flush them out and relabel our tanks.

We brought it home and went camping a few weeks later and again woke to the sound of water dripping. It was raining outside, and there was water pouring in through our windows in the main slides. We placed towels, then tried to put cut-up trash bags on the outside of the slide. We placed towels at the window seal and set the alarm on our phones to wake every hour to change the towel. Again, we took the RV to camping world and left it, along with about 5 other things that needed to be checked. We picked it up, and upon the walkthrough, there was trash in the RV, and the bed looked to have been slept in. They said that no one slept in it and that I prob left the bed a mess; I always make my bed! My husband asked if they had fixed the seal on the outside of the slide. They told him it was the window and that they had replaced it. He explained that it was not the window but something to do with the slide and seal because when we pulled the slide in about two inches, the leak stopped. He asked them to spray water on it, and when they did, the leak was present again. They asked us to leave the RV there and asked us to come back in a few hours. We did just that, and when we returned, they seemed confused, and we had to leave our RV there again (this should have been checked before we drove an hour to pick up an RV that wasn't fixed); we went home with no RV!

Four weeks later, when we drove back to pick up our RV, again they said it was all fixed but that the window was damaged while placing it back in and that they were going to order a new one and we could bring it back to have it replaced soon. We hooked up and noticed that the kitchen on the back was missing; when we asked, they said that someone ran into our kitchen and crushed it. We could take the RV, and they would call us when the kitchen was in. No apology, no explanations, they didn't even want to tell us; it wasn't until we asked that we were given a vague answer. A few weeks later, they called us back and asked us to bring the RV in; we again drove it to camping world. We explained that there was water on the inside, we told them it wasn't in the same place. I explained that it was currently dry, and when we walked through the camper with the technician, they saw that it was, in fact, dry. They said they would look into everything. Every time we brought our RV back to them to fix it, we would be without our RV for 4-8-12 weeks at a time.

I believe it was 6 weeks or so later we drove to pick up the RV. When he walked through, we saw some watermarks on the kickplates in the kitchen; John said he would have to call Jayco, and I said, ok… So when I returned home, I called Jayco, and they said they would approve the carpet and cabinets, they gave me a reference number, and I called and relayed the info to camping world.

That following weekend we went camping and noticed our fridge was not working, the power outlets on the outside were not working, the slides were having issues sliding evenly. So again, we drove it back to camping world, we asked them to fix the above, and we asked for them to put in an order for the carpet to be replaced and possibly the plywood under the couch due to all the water damage. We also wanted them to check on replacing the lower kick plates for the wood on the cabinets because the cabinets have started to warp due to the water leaking. They reluctantly said they would. They called us back a week later and said that the fridge motherboard or mainboard was fried and they would have to get another, that this would take a while, and they would call us when it was ready. We called back about 6 weeks later, and they said it was still being worked on but that we could come to pick it up two weeks later. We showed up, and my husband asked to have someone check to make sure everything was working, the fridge would not come on, and when they pulled the panel off the outside, the wires were all hanging, nothing was hooked up. They asked us to leave for a few hours and come back and that it would be done. We did come back, and again the panel was off, and the fridge did not work. We said we had a trip planned, and they said we could take it for the weekend and bring it back to them after. So that camping weekend, we used coolers, I was pissed. You buy a 90k RV, you think you can use your kitchen. Anyway, then we brought it back to them. They said sorry that we were pissed, and they understood that they had our RV for well over 4 weeks.

When we called yet again, they said they were able to pull the slide out and were able to replace the carpet. The fridge was fixed, and the outlets were working. They offered to drive the RV out to us. A man who worked there brought our camper to us, and when my husband went out to the RV, the panel to the fridge was loose, and again all the wires were hanging. My husband told the servicemen that he could not leave it and told him to take it back. 6 weeks went by, and we called, they said to us that they would have it ready in two weeks, we went to pick it up and still the fridge was not working. They told us they would have to order another part/motherboard? and they would call us when it was done. They also said that the kitchen on the back was not working and they would fix that and the power outlets on the outside and that the cabinet wood had come in and they would fix it. We asked them if they could check the couch power because the couch was not working all the time, they said they would add it to the order. My husband told them to disconnect the outdoor kitchen because we didn't start having the issues with the fridge shorting out until they tried to put the new fridge on the back; we were assured and told it was done correctly and that it was just the RV. My husband insisted on them disconnecting it, and they said they would.

To say the least, we came back to pick it up, and it was not ready; the outside outlets still don't work, but the fridge finally seems to be working, well not while on the gas setting; it only works while hooked up to power. We take it home and find that the slide is still leaking. We called them, and they said that the slide issue was our fault because we were not cleaning the pine needles out from the slide before bringing it in, we go on top of the rig and sweep the top every time we close up, but it is still our fault. Anyway, we had to call Jayco because they told us that the RV was now out of warranty and couldn't fix it. Jayco gave me a ref number and said that if it was a problem before the warranty was up, it would still be covered. So again, took it back to camping world, and we dropped it off. I explained that there were towels inside and because it was raining outside, I left them there to soak up the water. When the technician and I walked through, we saw that the towels were dry because it was not raining outside. When we returned 4 weeks later to pick up our RV, the soaked wet towels were still in the same place, and the slide had been closed, pushing the wet towels up against the cabinets, and guess what that did??? Warped my cabinets again! So now we are getting ready to bring our RV back to camping world for the 30th time, where they are supposed to replace the cabinets, fix the couch, and recheck the slide because it is still leaking.......

I am sure more will be to come, but we will never be ok with the fact that our RV has been in the shop more than we have been able to use it. We have to put new tires on it soon, and the most miles were put on our RV driving it to and from the Camping world. The worst purchase we have ever made!!! Worst company, worst Camping store, and customer service. The entire time, the staff change over was so often that every other time we went to camping world there was a new employee we had to explain everything to and deal with. No matter how frequently we asked to speak with a manager, it wasn't until we reached out to Jayco and complained again that someone started reaching out to us. Nothing has been resolved and or fixed completely. Some of the other issues not mentions above that were brought up but never fixed was a burner in my stove the screw keeps coming out. It won't stay put, the flooring is messed up due to all the flooding, they don't want to or refuse to fix it, the outlets outside still don't work, a drawer there are only two in the kitchen, is warped and doesn't stay shut, this was supposed to be fixed about a year ago, it still opens, the seem strips I have asked to be fixed still hang or just lay on the floor. Oh, and did I mention that the last time we drove away from the camping world, we were on the highway, about 30 mins from the RV place, and our side panel to the kitchen flew off and landed luckily to the ground, not on another car. We called and were told by the supervisor that this happens all the time and that it wasn't a big deal. I can't believe that Jayco would make anything on an RV that would come off while on the highway. Knowing that these rigs are on the highway and that this could cause legal liabilities. We drove home; the RV is outside, still leaking, and with a makeshift panel we fabricated. I researched the panel online and asked many different Jayco and RV sites questions about loose panels, and everyone has said that it shouldn't happen and that they have never lost theirs. We have a substantial 90k lawn ornament, and that's all it really is!!!

Update: November 2020

We dropped off our RV again at camping world, and there was a list of about 6 items that needed to be done. They included the cabinets were to be replaced, the cup holder on the couch near the garage was not working, the kitchen on the back was still not working, and we would like them to take a look, the outlets on the outside were still not working, The fridge was not working on propane, the linoleum was starting to lift in several places, and I believe that was it. I was told to give them a few weeks, and they would be in touch.

I called back two weeks later, and I was told that they would have to order a few things; I said ok, and they replied saying it may take a while and they would call us when it was ready.

I called back in Feb 2021, and after a week of leaving messages, we got a call from the service manager, and she said she was sorry, but the parts had never been ordered. She said they would be ordered this week and again told us they would call us when it was ready. My husband asks if they could check the generator and start it occasionally, we were told yes.

At the end of March, we called and were told that when they replaced the new cupholder, the cup holder on the other side shorted out, and they would need to order another. They asked us if we could come to pick up the RV and that they would call us when it was in and we could return to pick it up. We said no, we were not going to drive over an hour to pick it up, only to bring it back in a couple of weeks to leave it yet again. They did not sound thrilled with our answer. Again, my husband asked if they could start the generator, and he was told yes.

We called back in April and were told that they were still waiting for the parts and they would call us. We called again in May before we went on vacation and did not receive a callback. Once we returned from a vacation in May, we tried to call and were told that we could come in a week to come to get the RV. We work during the day and have to wait until a day off to drive up there. June 12, we went there, and when we showed up, we were told that it would take a little while to get the RV parked out front. They asked us if we wanted to go have lunch, and they would call us when it was ready. We left, and after about 45 mins, we returned with no call. Our RV was outside; my husband told me to go inside and handle everything while he checked out the RV. He came inside and asked for the charger because everything was dead, and they brought out a charger.

We were unable to start the generator, and the slides were not able to slide all the way out; I pointed out a few spots that I could see on the cabinets that still seemed to have warped areas, and John told me that that was not warped cabinets and I didn’t know the difference to how they were before. There was a big brown spot on the linoleum where the slide was out a little, and it looked like there were mice droppings all over the floor. When I asked what the spot was and the droppings were, John just looked at me and shrugged. I also saw a spot on the couch near one of the cup holders that was replaced, and John said that it was normal wear and tear, and we didn't have any proof that they did anything. Finally, my husband pointed out a piece of trim hanging from the slide inside and in the kitchen. John said, "ok, so the trim now?" then he tried to get the generator started, and when he could not, he told us to leave it yet again. He said he would call us the following week once his generator guy looked at it, but that he was on vacation and couldn't do it today. My husband asked if they were starting it when he would call and ask them, and John said, "look, man, I am busy, and I call on my radio and tell them to start it, whether they do or not, I don't know." So we drove away without or RV again.

On the 21st, we started trying to reach out to see about our RV, and we could not get anyone to call us back. I called the 800 number and made a complaint line on Thursday, June 24, I believe, and they said they would have someone contact me. No one called, so I called back on Monday, and when I talked to David, I believe he told me that he was going to reach out to camping world. When I explained what we had been going through, he did not care. He kept asking me, "What do you want me to do about it?" I just wanted someone to care! I asked for someone else to deal with, and he got very rude. So I hung up and called back. I asked for a different representative and was told they would put it in my file. Anyway, I finally was able to speak with the Service manager; when I explained what happened the last time we were there, she said, "so when can you come and pick up your RV?" I said we would be there on Saturday. She told me she was working that day and calling when we were on our way and then let them know when we got there, so she could walk through our RV with us.

We called when we left our house on Saturday, June 26, and no one was available to take our call, so we left a message saying we were on our way to pick up our RV. When we arrived, I went inside to settle up, and my husband started checking out the inside. I asked if the manager was available and was told that she was in a meeting and could not come out. So we went outside with John, and my husband was able to get the generator started, the slides were out, and we were walking around. My husband pointed out that the outside fridge cover was replaced, and the seal was not complete. John said he would have someone come out and put some more silicone on it. Then I pointed out a few areas where there was moisture and where the cabinets were in fact still damaged, and John said, "what do you want from me?" Then my husband noticed a soft spot on the floor in the kitchen, and when we showed it to John, he just stared at the two of us. Then my husband said, "you know what, who cares? Just go inside and settle everything so we can take our RV home!" So we walked back inside, and John asked me to pay $105 and said it was for the shipping. He then asked me to sign a form that had one paragraph, and when I asked what that was for, he said, "it is so I can release your RV to you." I said I am not signing anything until the manager comes out here like she said she would. He called her and then told me that she was out on parts runs, and they didn't know when she would be back. By signing this form, I am saying that I am happy with the work done; he tried again to tell me that it wasn't; I pointed out the area that said exactly that. He just looked at me and said, "fine."

My husband then came in and saw me in tears, and I walked away; when I returned, my husband was walking out, and I said, where is the manager? I was told that said she isn't here and isn't coming. I then started to get upset, and John raised his voice and said, "if your husband comes back in here and cusses at me again, I'll call the police and have you both thrown out!" I told him to call the police, and they can then report the damage to our RV, and we would have professional documentation. He said, "mama, can you just leave?" I then got upset and tried to explain why we were so upset and that this just keeps happening. He said that the warped floor was our fault and that if we had cleaned off our slide correctly, then the slide would stop leaking. He said they had photos, and I asked him to show them to me because ever since the first time we had issues (a year prior) with the slide, they told us that sometimes pine needles and debris can make the seals not work correctly, so we started sweeping off the slides every time we closed them up. He refused to show me photos. Then I said, “when we left the camper in November, there was no issue with the floor, and now there is.” I told him if there was debris and he knew that this was causing the leaks, why didn’t you clean it off and charge us for cleaning or sweeping the slide off. He told me it was not their responsibility to maintain our RV even while parked in their lot for 7 months. I tried to speak with the retail manager, and he simply said I am sorry, I cannot help you, but you can call this number, and maybe they can help you. That was the number I had been calling off and on for a year trying to find a resolution, with no help. He just said I’m sorry I can't help you. I left crying, and my husband and I brought our still damaged RV home. We set it up, opened it up, and started to clean it; we found evidence of mice everywhere. We found trim pieces off, and my husband reattached them. When we lifted the kitchen mat on the floor, there was water just sitting on the floor. The cabinets have Mold and still some water damage. The cover to the oven has a broken nut that holds the glass on.

Today is June 27, and it started to rain, we went outside to see if everything was ok, and the floor was leaking again. My husband went outside and checked the RV, the slides and seals are not working right, so my husband fixed the seals, and we have closed up the RV. We keep going outside to make sure the RV is not leaking, and so far, it seems to be working. So, I am no RV repair/serviceman, but if the RV has been sitting for 7 months and have not checked the seals to make sure they were turned out correctly, which caused water to come inside, then how is it our fault?

Name: Cassie Talley

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