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Please beware of Camping world!

My wife and I recently bought a brand new 2021 (41 foot) fifth wheel from Camping world in Concord, N.C. . We traded in a 2019 (40 foot) fifth wheel that we just bought brand new in 2020 from Camping world in Statesville, N.C. . Our experience with Statesville was terrible from the beginning with the 2019.

We picked it up the same week we were scheduled to camping at the beach. When we went inside we noticed a tear in the floor in the living room . They told us when they opened the Camper up their was a screw in the slide that ripped the floor. The told us to go on vacation and bring it back and they would fix it .

While we were on vacation, the cable would not work, and the water pump would not cut off. Needless to say, I had to run the cable inside the camper through the front door and hook straight up to the T.V. in order to watch it. Had to unhook the water pump so it would cut off.

After we returned I pulled the camper back to camping world and they kept it for 2 months. When we picked it up, they had cut the section of the floor that was ripped and glued a piece in its place, looked bad and when I asked about it they told me that forest river would not warranty replacing the floor. They said they had the cable fixed and nothing was wrong with it, however, they did replace the water pump which fixed that problem. I end up fixing the cable myself, found a bad splitter and replaced it.

The reason I'm telling you this story because of what happened when we traded with Camping world in Concord. We drove to Concord on a Saturday, looked , talked and signed papers on the new camper that we have now.

Now, when I pulled my old Camper there, I had a blow out coming down the interstate , luckily , I had just got off the exit and went ahead and pulled on in to camping world . I took a picture of the tire and wheel to show that it had just happened and the wheel was still in great shape. Went inside, told them the I just had a blow out and they would take care of it.

They hooked to the camper and pulled it around with the tire flat to do their walk through. They finally got done and came to us and said we had 5,000 dollars worth of damage to our camper. Needless to say I was livid, and ask them to show me. They took us out to the camper and proceeded to show us the problems.

The 1st thing they said was we had 15% water damage on the very back bay window, and when I asked them to show me they pointed out a spot on the outside that had pulled loose from the inside frame and they said it was water damage,. When I told them that I keep the Camper on the inside of a totally enclosed dry building and that it does not stay outside they changed their mind about that spot.

Then they told me the water box was put in wrong, I told them Camping world replaced the water pump and they had done that, they changed their mind about that one. Then they told me that the reason I had a blow out was because I four year old tires????

How can I have 4 year old tire when we just bought this Camper brand new in 2020?? The tires were stamped 2017 tires. So when I told them they sold me a brand new Camper with 3 year old tires they had nothing to say but they wanted me to pay for the tires. So after I bought the tires the 1st time when we purchased the camper they wanted me to replace them with new ones, at a cost of 2500 dollars.

In the mean time, I had a Reece Goose box installed on the 2019 Camper by the Statesville Camping world and I wanted it installed on the New camper. I paid 1800 dollars for this Goose Box. They said they would replace it. After being there from 10am that morning to 6:30 pm that evening we schedule another day to pick the camper up.

When the day come for us to pick it up, we arrived and done our walk through, the entire time I noticed some guys doing some measuring, after our walk through they told me that my Goose box would not fit on our new camper, the center holes were off. When they told me I would have to install a fifth wheel hitch in the bed of my truck , I said no deal, so they found me an equivalent hitch to my goose box hitch which they had to order and another week goes by, they installed it , I picked it up, pulled it home, hooked it up inside my totally enclosed climate control building and the stove, T.V. , outside kitchen , and all the 110 outlets on the back wall would not work.

So pulled back to Camping world for them to fix. Keep in mind we live 65 miles away from Camping World, I've pulled it home, then back, and have already made my 1st months camper payment and still don't have the camper yet. They beat us down on our trade in, but it was in excellent shape, minus the 4 year old tires, so they only gave us so much for the old camper, then turned around and put it back on the lot for 10,000 dollars more then what they gave us.

Please beware of Camping world!

Name: Paul D Shull

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