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Public Service Announcement to anyone in the market to purchase an RV camper. THINK TWICE before contacting @campingworld.

My name is Paul DiLeo and I have been a lifelong camper, going from tents, to pop ups, a travel trailer, and a used 5th wheel. This past year I decided to finally purchase a brand new 2022 29’ RLI Keystone Cougar 5th wheel. I reached out to Camping World and was very impressed with their sales department. They were extremely attentive, and I was very impressed by their initial sales pitch and was actually getting phone calls from my sales rep while she was on vacation. This gave me a false sense of security on the level of customer service I could expect to receive. Once the paperwork was finalized, any sort of customer service became problematic.

Part of their sales promotion included an extremely reasonable delivery rate to have the RV camper delivered to your doorstep. It was a no brainer for me being that I had already spent 12 hours round trip to see the camper in person and finalize the paperwork. Unfortunately, it took Camping World weeks to actually schedule the delivery, they had to outsource to Wave Express to secure a driver. I received a call from the driver on February 9, 2022 informing me that he was on the way with the camper. Four hours later he called me to inform me that he had hit a bridge and the roof of the camper was peeled and the AC and satellite was ripped off as well as interior damage, totaling over $14,000 in repairs. My first reaction was to request a new camper, being that I paid for a new camper and this one was now extensively damaged. Robert Yeager, GM of Camping World in Hanover, PA told me this was not an option and assured me that he would have it repaired better than new.

We were not satisfied with that response and insisted that they replace this camper with a new camper, as we had purchased a brand new camper and again, did not want to take possession of this one that was now extensively damaged. At that time I escalated this issue to Camping World corporate in Lincolnshire, IL and their customer service rep agreed to look into the issue. They spoke with Robert Yeager and he told them that he had done all that he could for us. Our request for a new camper was being completely ignored. We had to make repeated calls to both Robert Yeager and customer service that were totally ignored. That amazing customer service that we talked about when we were in the process of purchasing the camper completely disappeared.

I was ready to make my third payment on this camper and I still did not have it in my possession. I then received a call from an in-house Camping World driver informing me that my camper was on its way. At the end of May the camper arrived. Once we took final delivery, we examined the damaged areas and it was still obvious that there was damage to the roof. We immediately called Camping World and were then told with time and in the heat, that the buckling roof would eventually smooth out. On our first camping trip we discovered that the batteries that we were assured were sufficient could not handle the refrigerator. In addition, the Lippert self-leveling system does not work, the wires for the Winegard 360 air were not dropped through the roof and I had to incur the expense of a licensed electrician to correct this, the shower leaks through the floor, the shower enclosure is delaminating, the satellite was incorrectly wired and now I have to run that wire through a slide, they used marker to cover up the rips in the wallpaper instead of replacing it, kitchen cabinet trim is splitting, instead of replacing the damaged TV trim they added 4 finish nails which are visible. This is no where near close to what I would consider a brand-new camper with repairs that would be better than new as promised by Robert Yeager. I had another RV repair shop and was informed that he is very concerned because this camper was not properly fixed. Based on this I have since hired an attorney who has sent certified mail informing Camping World of our intent to legally pursue this matter. These requests have also been ignored by Camping World.

I am deeply dissatisfied with the level of customer service from Camping World. I do not think it is unreasonable to have requested a new camper. After all I paid over $70,000 for a new camper and the one I received after being driven into a bridge at 60 miles per hour and repaired half ass was nowhere near a brand new camper. If Camping World was not willing to replace this camper, then perhaps they would be willing to reimburse me for the difference in what a used and damaged camper would cost. None of these requests were even considered and now I am being totally ignored.

I urge all consumers in the market for a new RV camper to look beyond Camping World. Once they receive your deposit, they will quickly forget your name.

#campingworld @campingworld

Name: Paul Dileo

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