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POOREST Customer service ever from anywhere

We dropped our 2018 Gemini that we bought from Columbia Gander for warranty work. (Refrigerator stopped) A SIMPLE FIX.

We kept getting a story next week order a part will be in, wrong part, was fix, it wasn’t we took it back.

Same issues of lies, contacted cooperate office, week to get back or more one call I’d miss it call right back get a machine never get a call back. RV gone all summer June-Late Aua- out of the Garage we build for our previous 45’ RV. We got it back box above cab faded badly, had mouse in cab and dropping every where, TV Antenna broke. Can’t get anyone to call back sent emails to Cooperate rep (Jordan S out of Chicago). Our rv only had 500 miles when purchase, now only 2800 (3 week trip to CO). Other than that never out side....other than up at Gander in Columbia.

POOREST Customer service ever from anywhere, service depart lied to us and others in front of us. MARCUS- I’m not happy, if your not happy.....He must be very unhappy (NOT). He wants to know (NOT) some call center which are located all over the county that “his” call about wanting to know.

JORDON S from Chicago, never call back never returns calls, never returns emails. Ready to report then to the State Attorney General. Sold us a warranty on the Box covered paint fading, but they won’t fix it even though it happened sitting on their lot for an entire summer- the cost you quoted was twice what warranty would pay.

We’ve lost an entire summer of use and warranty.....NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!

Name: Aaron

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