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Saddest day of my life

Saddest day of my life was when I decided to buy an RV travel trailer. In this particular purchase from a Camping World location in Glen Allen VA. On the very first trip we took we experienced water leakage from the Winegard Gateway access on the ceiling. This was the result of a heavy summer rain in Myrtle Beach SC area. We inspected the roof and found that the sealant around the Winegard bubble had bee poorly done with several 1" to 2" gaps of missing sealant permitting the rain to seep in. Contacting the Myrtle Beach Camping World we were told it would be several days before someone could visit the campground and fix the leak. At a cost of $150 travel fee. I said forget it bought a tube of sealant for $15 and repaired it myself. During the same trip we logged 14 issues that would require servicing once we got back home. some minor some serious. One of the serious ones is that fact that one of the two fire places comes on by itself, even once we were not home. Wow was the RV hot that day. Only way to prevent this was to turn the circuit breaker off to the fire place. Two of the three holding tank lever system did not work and would not open the valves to dump the two tanks, one gray and one black. I finally worked these open and had to install an auxiliary twist on valve on the pipe end so we could control the tanks.

See the full listing: Kodiak repairs listing 7/26/2022

1. Water leaking through gateway bubble on ceiling. Appears to be seeping under Winegard dome on roof. Looking at dome there is areas that the roof sealant gapped open or was not applied properly allowing water to leak in. I purchased caulk at CW and sealed around the dome.

2. There are a few screws that have work out around the skylight, the bathroom fan and the kitchen fan on the roof underneath the original caulking.

3. All rooftop penetrations caulking needs to be inspected and resealed as needed to prevent water leaks

4. One of the Winegard antenna leads to the gateway bubble is missing. Three leads are required to connect the gateway device

5. Front gray tank lever and black tank lever does not work properly, very difficult to push in or pull out to operate drain valves on each. The rear gray tank level sticks some also. I installed twist on gate valves and left the levers pulled for open so I could dump the tanks.

6. Entrance door has a small gap at top right corner looking from inside that daylight can be seen through when door is closed, there is also a small gap on the top left side.

7. Trim has come loose above the main slide and along wall edge just behind the toilet, a few nails popping out of trim on both edges behind toilet

8. Front gray tank pipe support is missing the bolt and nut to hold the pipe in place in the support bracket

9. Metal main frame is showing rusted areas where paint is not applied properly

10. String lights on outside under awning have a dead section on the run between the window and Kodiak areas above

11. Fireplace in living area will not work with remote control, I did replace battery in remote and still not working

12. This same fireplace comes on by itself repeatedly. Even when no one is home. I had to turn the power circuit breaker off to keep it from coming on. We returned home one night and found the fireplace on and heating. It has also come on by itself while we are home

13. Ceiling kitchen fan has a hole in the shroud that was reported upon delivery and is a CW We Owe item that was supposed to be ordered previously, waiting on replacement

14. We got locked out several times by the existing door latch/lock unit. Door would lock as you closed it and needed key to get back open. I purchased a replacement latch unit and installed it to avoid getting locked out. The new lock has locked us out one time as well. There must be something wrong with the door jam or strike plate that causing the door to jam lock.

15. The Bluetooth speaker charge base is broken and will not hold the speaker in place to recharge. Based charger needs to be replaced.

16. Check braking functions as the RV pushes hard against tow vehicle on stopping, even with brake assist device set to maximum output.

I guess we expected a quality build rig with manufacturer warranty support. Keystone has authorized a number of these items for repair but denied a few of the minor ones. Still waiting on final disposition and repair to be completed. I wish I had never decided to purchase and RV. Being new to RV life we were surely ignorant of the true nature of RV manufacturing, sales and warranty support.

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