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So unfair!!!!

My wife and I purchased a brand new 2023 Georgetown M5 from Camping World in Uxbridge Ma March of 24.

The purchase experience was great up until we signed.

There were several items needing to be fixed but all seemed relatively fixable. They said they would repair in a week after we closed on the RV.

After 10 Days we picked it up with almost nothing fixed. We documented many items during the walkthrough and the first week of ownership and using it.


Washer machine leaked water: hoses not connect. Uxbridge tech said they fixed it. We drove hope and hr and now no water. Had to take it back. Valves were set to off position. Needed a very skinny arm to get to them.

Some crown Moldings needing to be replaced. Still waiting on 4 months.

Lever not working. I had to take it to a ford dealership to fix

Dinette slide out not working right. I fixed this as their tech said it was fixed but not. The guide chain had links upside some.

Ripped driver seat from time of purchase. They attempted to fix but not acceptable. Waiting on an answer.

Entry step ripped. Prior to purchase. They never fixed it. I install a new one.

Driver left arm rest broken. Still waiting.

Toilet did not flush good. I figured this out. The water pump was undersized for the brand toilet. I purchase a 5.5 gpm. 70 psi. The factory installed a 3 gpm 55 psi

I purchase and installed a missing blind behind the recliners. Factory never installed. Dealership said to install and they will put in for a refund. Still waiting.

Dinette table kept collapsing. I installed a Velcro strap to hold release arm up.

Driver seat was loose. The Uxbridge location did fix that. They said they installed shims.

The problem is, they never fix things or call u back.

Now the last email said to call the warrantee department. These items have had a problem from day 1.

So unfair!!!!

Name: Anonymous

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