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Someone had Put a Wooden Shim in the Door Latch so it Would Close

In October of 2019 I purchased a brand new camper from Camping World. It was a 2020 Pioneer RL250. It immediately went into storage at the camp ground I would be parking it at for the summer. It was covered until May of this year. Things started going downhill once I started to open it up for the season. Upon opening the slider for the first time one of the seals tore. Then I noticed some of the molding around the door was coming off. While looking at the molding I noticed the door was bent and out of alignment. Someone had put a wooden shim in the door latch so it would close. You really have to slam it to get it closed. And last, but not least, when I turned on my radio one of the outside speakers started crackling as if it had a bad connection to the speaker. Well I called Camping World and they essentially told me that once it left the lot I basically accepted it "as is" and has refused to replace the door. They did send out a serviceman to look at everything but they have only agreed to fix the seal. Camping World has gotten a very bad reputation for not honoring warranties and for very shoddy service. All I wanted was my door, speaker and seal fixed and they wanted to charge me $166.50 just to come out and look at it. I am hoping to get someone to stand behind the warranty on this camper. I haven't even had it 9 months and already have wanted to return it.

Name: Roger Mears

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