Tallahassee, May 21, 2019 we purchased a used 2011 Winnebago motor home.

Tallahassee, May 21, 2019 we purchased a used 2011 Winnebago motor home. It had been put on consignment the day before, and hadn't been cleaned up yet. My husband and I really liked it and decided to trade on our 36 foot pull along camping trailer.

We were in the middle of a cross country trip. They told us it would be ready to go by noon the next day. They offered to let us dry camp in their lit, but we decided to get a motel room. My husband signed the paper work before we left to go to the motel room.

I was a witness to the closing. We were shown a sheet with different payment amounts and told what each add on was, such as engine warranty, road hazard insurance, etc. My husband picked a payment that was comfortable for us.

This next part is our fault. We didn't read thoroughly each paper he signed. Imagine our surprise to find out there was $17,000.00 worth of added on stuff to an already overpriced motor home. It took 5 months to get all the extra stuff off. We will NEVER buy another RV from Camping World.

Name: Belinda Kurtz

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