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Terrible customer service, lies, and a complete lack of organization

Terrible customer service, lies, and a complete lack of organization. If you are unfortunate enough to need service and get Mackenzie B., at Longmont, CO, ask for a different Service Advisor. She’s clueless and lies. On 06-03-2022 my travel trailer’s stove/oven began leaking propane. Camping World couldn’t get me in and our trip was 4 hours away. I was referred by MacKenzie to another RV repair place and they were able to cap the line and the stove/oven was removed. This place told me to take just the stove/oven back to Camping World for warranty repair which would allow me to still use my travel trailer for camping. I’m thankful I did this since the 2 weeks I was quoted for repair turned into almost 9 months. Yes, 9 months. I called about 3 weeks in to get an update and had to leave a message for Mackenzie. I never received a return call. On 07-14-2022, Mackenzie called and said a tech was just now assigned to fix the oven and I could then come pick it up. When I asked if they were going to reinstall the oven, she was unaware my trailer was not there. Mackenzie told me she would talk to her manager and call me right back. I did not hear from Mackenzie again until 07-25-2022. Mackenzie requested I bring my trailer in on 07-26-2022 at 10:00am, which I did. I was told the trailer would be ready for pickup at 4:30pm. When I showed up, my trailer wasn’t ready, nor had anyone even looked at it yet. When Mackenzie found out about it, she made a phone call to the tech in front of me and I could hear the conversation, however, she wouldn’t admit the trailer hadn’t been worked on. I had to wait another hour for them to rush fix the oven, which turns out was under recall for the problem I had, install it, and complete another recall repair. When it was finally done, I was asked if the oven was missing the door when I brought it in. I assured Mackenzie it was not and she tried showing me photos to prove there was no door. I asked to see the photos and they were clearly taken by a tech during repair, not at drop off. The knobs were missing and you could clearly see the gas leak detector liquid on the leaking parts. Obviously not how it was dropped off.

When this was pointed out, Mackenzie began to panic again and didn’t know what to do until another service advisor stepped in to help her. I asked to speak with Marcus, the Service Advisor Manager, who I have worked with before when he was a Service Advisor himself and I was told he was not there. I had literally seen Marcus 3 minutes earlier in the store. In the end, Mackenzie told me they would not charge me for installing the stove/oven or for diagnosing the problem as if she was doing me a favor. Since when would anyone pay for a recall item anyway. I was told Camping World would call me in the morning on 07-27-2022 to let me know if my door had been found or if they were going to order a new one.

Shockingly, I received no call. I called on 07-28-2022 and was told they were still looking into getting a new door. By 08-08-2022, still no update. Called and left a message for Mackenzie, but never got a call back. Finally got a call on 08-11-2022 saying there was still no update on getting a new door. On 09-06-2022, I finally went in to talk to Mackenzie. Now she tells me the part was ordered on 07-28-2022 and was expected on 07-29-2022 even though she told me there was no update when I talked to her on 08-11-2022. Mackenzie called and was told the part would not be shipped until Halloween. I then spent the next several months getting the run around. A new guy, Josh, took over and said he had to order a complete new stove/oven. He said I may have everything installed by the end of the week. I had been promised they would send a mobile tech to complete the repair so I would not be put out any further, but of course, they couldn’t make this happen. Josh said he would try to get me a gift card or something for my trouble, but of course, this also didn’t happen. They finally made good with a new stove/oven on 02-27-2023. However, they removed my $70 Camco stove cover and discarded it. Granted, it would not work with new stove top, and I did get it back, but the audacity to take a customer’s property and discard it baffles me.

Name: Aaron

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