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Thank God I document everything

I purchased camper at Owatonna County Fair. The sales person was new and I found out after the sale. To make long story short. My camper ended up needing 34 items fixed or replaced!!! It took me months of phone calls driving to the dealership more phone calls, yeasts. Yet IM STILL WAITING FOR things to get done!!

Everyone has been fired from the original time, I’ve had to explain myself to new other managers and techs.

They didn’t keep updated information. Thank God I document everything everything!! Got BBB involved, Atty General office CW ignored me. 2 years later I’m still waiting!!!

A lot more to this story!! Please feel free to contact me!!

I wish I could have a face to face with that xfkkr#

Name: Kathy Lesicka

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Nov 05, 2023

I agree with Christopher but also agree that is BS we have to do that. I’m almost to unhealthy to do some repairs I was left with.

but the truth is I can tell you they will never be fixed nor to your satisfaction. The company does not have enough trained techs for the demand or specialty needed. You can also waste another year or two fighting with the manufacturer to get the same result and more stress.

my best advice to anyone, especially if buying from a different state is to have the rv inspected by an extremely reputable inspector you can find on YT. You will spend 5 times that and more to deal with the problems that…


Christopher Brantley
Christopher Brantley
Oct 27, 2023

That's why I don't bother taking it to them for service. Go on youtube. Fix it yourself. It's easier than you think. Would you rather spend an hour of your time and a few bucks to learn a new skill and fix a problem? Or be pissed off for two years and reducing the time you have to spend enjoying your camper?

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