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The 2022 Travel trailer that never could

The 2022 Travel trailer that never could.

When my wife and I decided to purchase a brand new trailer we purposely made sure it was not camping world. We went to Gander RV to look at trailers and when we found the exact model we were actually looking for we went to sign for it and realized they were owned by camping world.

We already were aware that with a new trailer comes a shake down trip. We took the trailer on a trip wrote everything down that was a issue and dropped it off the next weekend. Our trailer sat there for 2 1/2 months and nothing was done. We reminded them from the day we dropped it off to the time we picked it up constantly that we need it by April 10th for a trip. No one ever reached out, no one ever contacted us to let us know that we could have it back. We would constantly call and be told our service rep Desiree Lightell was not in or busy. At this point we excepted the faith that nothing was going to get done.

We called the week before and told them we are just going come get the trailer back. I was told to just come in and get it from Someone in service and it wasn’t an issue. When I showed up they brought the trailer out right away for me to load up and when I walked inside our trailer we realized it had been broken into and we were missing quite a few pieces. Unfortunately they would not cover anything because we had to cover it under our insurance since it was a theft and they did not cover that. I have a lot of suspicion that this was possibly an inside job to receive more money due to the fact the trailer had been broken into from the inside from what it looks like.

The purpose of this message is not to complain but is to provide information on my experience with camping world. I would never recommend this place and I would never go back here for any type of service. I am actually talking to another dealership that has done work for me before that will help me out in one year from the time my warranty expires. I am glad I did an extended warranty.

Name: Richard Aguilar

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