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The biggest scam artist and a horrible person

Marcus Lemonis is the biggest scam artist and a horrible person on every level! The production company, CNBC and the Camping World board that allows/ENCOURAGES/promotes him to continue like this should be held accountable for the lives he’s destroyed. They feed this evil beast and they know exactly what he is doing.

They have been made aware, and yet they continue to let him destroy small business owners and scam his customers. I know Marcus and Bobbi personally and professionally. I can assure you he is not what he pretends to be on TV. He is one of the most evil, corrupt individuals to walk the earth. He will steal your hard earned money and laugh while he brings you down. He will pretend to be your best friend, and then do everything in his power to destroy you.

Did you know he drove one man on his “show” to kill himself? Google it. Everyone needs to start speaking up to stop him, because everyday he is hurting more people. He is a monster and everyday he’s getting more and more hungry. FUN FACT: The owner of the production company of his show ‘The Profit’ is Amber. Guess who the Godfather of her son is? Yup! Marcus Lemonis. Wake up Comcast and Camping World Board.... you should be ashamed of yourself!

Name: Anonymous

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Fed Up
Fed Up

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