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The Frankenstein RV

Purchased an RV from the camping world of Amarillo. Long story short they put the battery in backward and fried all electrical within the camper. They did replace that RV, after threatening to sue, with what I like to call the Frankenstein RV. This RV has bottles coming up through the floor, the shower walls are unsealing, the sink is falling down, some of the molding is missing and one of the ac units is starting to mess up.

I called two weeks ago about this matter and opened a case with a lady named Melissa in Denver. She was supposed to call me back in 48 hours. Do you think she did, NO, she just waited two weeks, closed my cases, and now they hang up on me every time I call? I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again, and don't suggest them to anyone! As a 1st time RV buyer, I feel taken.

Name: Tiffani Kreybig

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