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The manager says sorry, that is it

My bf and I went to the CW, Berkley,MA , signed contract on March 17th, titles of minibusses handed it to them, $20,000 down to get a loan from their finance dept.

We have to waited a week for available driver to fly to Florida to drive our brand new 2021 Thor RV. Upon arrival within 2 days, I saw the bed above the driver seat is slided downward. Then the service said the water heater needs a replacement, front grill is damaged, refrigerator has a few dents, the slider has a mechanical issues.

As of 4/29, they ordered a part that is needed to make sliding door move out. Nobody calls us to tell us the status, I left message, and no one call back. We told them we had plans to travel on May 4th. The manager says sorry. That is it.

I asked for a new RV or return my money and canceled the contract. He said that can not happen. He said you can drive away if you want. The dealer guy did not return my message, he got his commission, our problem is not his.

The CEO staff said they can give me a 250 gift card. I paid $2000 for them to drive a damaged RV to me. My bf wants to sue them. What can we do? Please give us a solution.

Name: Linda Chu Mei

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