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The price was an additional $10,000 over what we agreed to

Went to purchase a new class A Newmar from McGeorge's RV after being referred there by a salesperson at another location who had initiated the sale, but moved to a different location.

We stopped on the way up from Florida to NY and saw a unit and said that I would be back in 2 weeks with my wife. We booked a hotel room for the weekend and went back to McGeorges/Camping World in Ashland, VA to show her the different models.

I told the salesperson I worked for 25 years in a high line car dealership as the Fixed Ops Director (oversee Parts & Service) and told them to please don't do the "game" with me. We will finance 40% of the purchase so you can have a taste as long as the interest % was within reason, and give me the best price on the unit that we found in stock that she liked.

Of course they can only deal one way, and they started with the 4 SQUARE METHOD of sales, and I just shook my head. Seems they can't do anything about working outside the "box" so we entertained them.

We wanted a sofa instead of 2 recliners and a little center cabinet with drawers between the sofa and asked that the chairs and stand be removed, replace the valences, and install a full size sofa that the RV would be equipped with if chosen at option time. They also were supposed to replace the valences with longer units, but we said it would be ok to leave the existing ones, as we don't worry about it not being closer to the sofa top.

Then the games began.....They were keeping the 2 recliners (brand new) and giving us a sofa and wanted $7000 additional for this work! We had already worked out the price of the RV and the sofa change, and we were not getting the reclining chairs back which are moveable and could be used at home etc. I said forget it and I will just change the sofa myself in the unit, as it didn't require the windshield to be pulled and installed, covering up the mounts for the small cabinet between the recliners.

They complained about it and then agreed to do it for $3000 which I still knew was expensive but we were getting a fair price and this was our final visit. We said that we would be back on Sunday to finish everything up as it was now almost 7 pm and we were there for 8-9 hours shopping, waiting to see finance etc.....

The next day, Sunday, we went back to finalize everything, and I notice that the price was an additional $10,000 over what we agreed to. The salesman said the same thing...he went to get the sales manager to check everything. After about 10 minutes, the salmon came back and said "the sales manager is too busy and he says that the numbers are right" and asked us to sign again.

I looked at the salesperson, looked at my wife who nodded to me and shook her head, and we got up to leave. The salesman's jaw almost hit the ground and he was hemming and hawing about how much time he spent on this deal with calls, emails, and 3 visits and "I'm getting nothing for it now"! I looked and told him that guess knew the price, you knew that this is a return visit and we stayed overnight ... so your playing the game about we will take the bullying and just buy it as we are "real customers"...well the real customers left the $300,000+ RV sitting in the lot and got back in the car to go home to New York.

Update: we waited and looked around, and settled on a Prevost Bus instead .... thanks to Marcus Lemonis and his team of salespeople in Ashland, VA @ McGeorge's RV stealership for showing us the right way to purchase and we ended up with something BETTER than anything you have to offer ! c'ya bye haha !

Name: K O

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