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The Service Rep and Manager Never Answered

McGeorge’s Camping World, Ashland, VA Purchased 2018 Newmar Dutch Star 4018 MSRP $472,741 for $321,000 with $100,000 down, and a extended Camping World warranty on December 15, 2018 with an agreed pick up of January 09, 2019, so that some known repairs could be made:

1. Repair Front Windshield Shade

2. Repair broken tile on entry steps

3. Locate or replace second MCD Blind remote

4. Repair window in living area above coach (cracked)

5. Repair trim over engine access

6. Clean interior and Wash and Wax Unit exterior

Arrived one hour prior to scheduled delivery appointment of 3:30pm. After making several complaints to the tardiness of the sale representative and the delay in prepping the RV (Wash down), at 5:30 a sales representative finally arrived and attempted to give us a walk-through and briefing on all components.

It quickly became evident that this rep had zero knowledge of this make and class of RV and that several items were not repaired (Windshield shade, MCD Remote, Entry Tile, Clean interior and exterior of unit). After discussing these issues with the representative and Store Manager it was agreed that We would take the RV and make an appointment at our local Store in Manassas, VA; Reines RV 3 hours away.

The first thing the next am, I made an appointment for the repairs to be completed on January 16th. On the 16th during drop off, the service manager advised they would not be able to complete any work as they are not certified warranty facility for Newmar. So, I contact McGeorge’s and make an appointment earliest is January 29th with an agreed time frame of returning on April 1.

I contact McGeorge’s 2 weeks later to check on the progress, and am told they checked the Unit out and order the required parts, no insights to possible delays. Two weeks later I contact them again for a status update, and am told they are still waiting on parts. Another two weeks and they tell me there is an issue with who is responsible for the missing blind remote and the warranty; McGeorge’s Camping World or Newmar.

I expressed to them that considering that for all intensive purposes they have had the unit since December, I did not really care who was paying for it, I just wanted the unit repaired and ready for delivery as it was already mid-April, 5 months since purchased and they could take a remote from another unit and replace it once they figure it all out.

I advised them I would be there on May 3rd to retrieve my unit. I picked the unit up and was assured all was repaired and we took it home. Once at home I gave the unit a complete once over and notice one of the cargo door hinges was hanging together on one bolt (I repaired myself) and the tile they said that they replaced had a crack in it, the windshield shade wires were hanging down about 6 inches behind the shade and now the passenger door and side window shades were combined as one on the new remote which prevents individual control.

I called the service adviser and reported the issues and scheduled an appointment for the following January for them to repair and combine it with an annual service call.

Now the fun really starts: On February 22, 2020 we dropped the unit off with the following list of needed repairs and services (Note when I say accomplished on most I have no real way to verify the work was actually completed as the oil filters did not have dates marked onto them as most big rig facilities do)

1. Services the Cumming Diesel - accomplished

2. Service Generator – accomplished

3. Service Slides – accomplished

4. Repair broken tile – not repaired as they failed to order the parts (overlooked request)

5. Replace WineGard T4 In Motion Automatic Direct TV Satellite with a Trav’Ler Direct TV Satellite (estimate was about 2,300):

a. Technician Installed a single receiver Dish Network Trav’Ler with two receivers.

b. Neither receiver or cables were tested as neither worked.

i. Technician broke front HDMI cable, which prevent the three primary TV from receiving a signal from the receiver.

ii. Rear TV did not work as the Technician installed a single LNB pre the factory Direct TV install wiring. This installation should have had a triple LNB or additional wiring configuration to add a splitter to serve two receivers.

1. I had a mobile technician repair the two damaged HDMI cables (which required a full cut out of the interior wall and replace the LNB with the correct head and also replace one of the two HDMI splitter as it was unable to power up. (Cost to me was $175 labor and $325 for parts)

2. Canceled my Direct TV contract for a loss of $250 and created a Dish contract.

6. Reprogrammed front blind remote to split two passenger side blinds at the main door.

a. Technician incorrectly programmed remote so one blind would only go down half way (limiter) and removed the limiter on a completely unrelated blind next to drivers seat.

i. I download the manual and reprogrammed all three blinds so they operate correctly.

7. Repair Rear Bath Macerator as it failed and leaks – Not repaired and I was told they were unable to get the part as it was on back order. I subsequentially ordered the Macerator, received it within two days and installed/tested in about 30 minutes.

8. Repair Diamond Shield that failed on front of Unit and bubbled clear coat – Not repaired as I was told that due to COVID the subcontractor was closed down.

Again, the phone tag lasted for months without any contact. The Service Rep and manager never answered or returned any of my biweekly calls, emails or text.

On about April 1st I contacted Newmar and Camping World Corporate Headquarters and filed a complaint with the BBB and the VA AG offices. Two days later I receive a text from the rep, explaining the routine service was completed and Trav’Ler was installed but they were still waiting on the other parts (macerator) and for the Diamond Shield Sub to reopen, by this time I had to cancel two reservation and was debating to cancel a third.

Finally, around May 13th I notified them I would be down to pick up my Unit on May 28th, fixed or not. Upon arrival it was noted they had not repaired the macerator or the diamond shield. I paid for the service and due to Covid social distancing the rep did not walk me through the repairs on the RV.

Once I arrived home, I completed a thorough inspection of the RV and realized once again the work was not accomplished as indicated by the representative. They had installed a Dish TV System verse the documented Direct TV. I then contacted them about the issues, and they said that they failed to charge me for the Dish System and needed to make an immediate payment and they would reschedule me for the rest of the repairs.

I informed them that I was not going to pay for a system that I did not request, and especially one that was incorrectly installed and the technician damaged the HDMI cable during install.

I then contacted Beckley’s Camping world in Frederick Maryland and discussed the issues. I scheduled repairs for July 29th (earliest available appointment). Unfortunately, they were not very encouraging as they stipulated, I would have to pay for the labor to diagnose any and issues and repairs, while they worked the warranty issue.

At this point I have been paying for the unit for over 16 months and it has been in for repairs for almost 9 months, so I again preceded to repair the RV Myself. I located a macerator pump on line and received it within two days and replaced it in about 30 minutes (cost $349).

I also again contacted Camping World Corporate Customer Service and they apologized for the mistakes and inconvenience and agreed with my decision to find another camping world for the needed repairs.

Remaining Issues are the entry door tile, and the diamond shield front bra. To date the unit has been in the shop for almost 9 months of my 17 months of ownership. I have attempted to discuss these issues with the Service Manager and he/she refuses to return my calls. On August 11, a gentleman claiming to be the General Manager for McGeorge’s Camping world contacted me for the remaining service charges. I asked him why it took 3 months for him to return my call, and he stated he was unaware that I have called once every two weeks since I picked the RV Up.

I then explained the installation of the wrong equipment, the failure and associated delays with the other repairs and he stated “well you left the yard with the equipment, so you are liable for them”. I immediately responded and said, oh we are not going there, as your representative, refused to take me to the RV and show me the work due “Social Distancing Rules” and that the documentation shows everything that was completed including the Direct TV Installation.

I then collected my keys, did a quick external walk around to ensure no obvious damage and checked the tires. I then did a quick walk through of the interior to make sure everything was stowed and left. He then arrogantly stated I was still required to make a payment and that I should have inspected all the work was completed prior to leaving.

At this point I lost my cool and told him, that his inept mechanics “F%^Ked” up my $400K RV and that I was not paying for work that I did not request, That was not documented and that I already briefed CW Corporate, the BBB and the VA AG office to resolve and he could kiss my hairy “A%$”. He then said since I was being vulgar, he would not discuss this any further and would file a mechanics lean on my RV and hung up the phone.

On August 12th, I attempted to contact CW Corporate (waiting on call back) and the VA AG for a status report.

Name: Doug and Laura Gould

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