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There’s a lot going on in the RV industry that the media and the public does not know about

My name is Stick Bogart I haven’t gotten an email from you yet but I’m sure that I will. Years ago I owned an RV repair business in Florida. There’s a lot going on in the RV industry that the media and the public does not know about. I went up against One of the largest RV dealer groups in the country in a court of Law in the Arizona I’m not going to tell you who it is but I’m sure you’ve got a good idea. For the most part RV dealerships refuse to do pre-delivery inspections on any coach new or used that they plan to sell to the American people.

A lot of fraudulent documents are submitted to the courts nationwide when it comes to them the dealerships the RV dealerships trying to protect their backside when they get involved in a lawsuit regarding the consumers that they might have screwed over.

Keep in mind the RV shows and sales they have a lot of those in Arizona that do not have to abide by the senator Mike Marone law that was passed back in 1958. Go look up the Monroney law.

Can you imagine buying an RV and the RV was never checked out by the manufacture or the dealership and the coach that you bought the dream coach that you bought had a massive propane leak that you did not know about ?

Think about it one liquid gallon of propane that’s in the propane tank expands to 270 gallons of explosive vapor. Who has one liquid gallon of propane in their tank but they’re planning on doing a long trip ?

Just think about it 30 gallons of liquid propane in your tank and your RV propane system has a leak in it that 30 gallons of liquid propane in your tank will expand 8100 gallons of explosive vapor if your system has a propane leak in it that the dealership refused to pay their employees to check to make sure the system is not leaking before they send it to the dealership and the dealerships refused to do the checks once they get that coach on their lot.

I am willing to bet that 95 to 100% of RVs that are on the lot for sale nationwide have not gone through the predelivery inspection safety check including the RV LP gas system as well as all of the appliances that operate off of the propane gas that’s in the tank.

My mission is to help any lawyer nationwide that has a lawsuit against an RV dealership. I am sick and tired of RV dealerships taking advantage of the American people. The American people have no clue about the Senator Mike Monroney 1958 Monroney law. Think about that that’s very important because the Monroney law reveals the true market value of the car or truck that the consumer plans to buy that’s brand new.

That does not apply to motorhomes and the dealerships are taking advantage of it.

My mission is to put it into the BS with it people come to buy brand new motorhomes or even used motorhomes I believe they need certified documentation from the RV technician at the dealership that they plan to buy the RV of their choice from

I challenge anybody to do a complete predelivery inspection and the coach that you bought from the dealer of your choice. Don’t tell the RV technician of some RV repair center what you’re doing but have them give you a list of everything that’s wrong with it also have them give you a complete safety check of the propane system and all of the appliances on the couch that you just bought right after you bought it.

You will be shocked I can go up against any RV dealership in the United States and prove where the fraudulent activities have taken place.

Feel free to call me at 602-865-9382 yes my name is Stick Bogart I will take phone calls from any Customer that’s purchasing an RV from a dealership of their choice I will also take phone calls from any law firm who has cases against any RV dealership in the nation.

I would not be doing this if I did not know what I was talking about but I have the tools in my garage to break down any RV that’s been sold to the American people. One of the lawyers who represents a very large RV dealership in the United States got schooled real quick after he dealt with me.

The attorney that hired me told me that I should’ve been a lawyer I told him I would not have the knowledge that I have if I was a lawyer. I even proved this one large RV dealer group submitted fraudulent documents with forged signatures to the court trying to win their case. The Lawyer that represented the RV dealership that submitted to him the fraudulent documents with forged signatures got schooled real quick when he and I went face-to-face in front of the judge.

I’m knowledgeable about the RV industry and the marine industry. Years ago back in the early 80s I worked for Wellcraft marine building offshore pleasurecraft as well as offshore racing boats at Wellcraft marine. I’m the guy that set the engines and the 38 foot scarabs that were sold to a TV production show called Miami Vice with Don Johnson

I’m also working with a lawyer that has a case against a marine engine company that buys engines from General Motors then they put their marine application on those engines. The marine application that they install on these General Motors engines is defective but nobody wants to talk about it. They’ve been selling these defective engines to a company that modifies a General Motors engines and puts these marine applications on them and sells them to boat manufacturers nationwide in the United States

It’s pretty obvious that these applications that they put on these General Motors engines is defective because there’s too many complaints about the same thing and there’s a lawyer that wants me to help him win the case but I’m going to kick him to the curb if he does not wake up and respond to my emails I will drop him like a hot potato his case will go into the toilet.

If somebody does not take me serious they will not win their case if they are a lawyer against the marine industry or against the RV industry

Sincerely, Stick Bogart

602-865-9382. Cell

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