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There were 6 pages worth of crap wrong with this camper and nothing had been fixed

Oct. 2020 my youngest son I and wife went into gander rv just to poke around well after meeting with salesman we started looking at campers and found one that we all liked, it was a used fifth wheel for two weeks we were told it was getting fixed there was water damage on it but everything would be fixed before we picked it up a month went by and finally I could come pick up the camper when doing so there were still ripples in the side from the water damage and me not knowing I took the word of the shop guys that said everything inside was fixed they just didn’t replace the outside panel. Now I live in Wisconsin so the end of oct. when we picked it up I put the camper in storage right away before winter set in.

May 2021 first camping trip out with new camper, it was 90 plus for three days straight my 6 year old son spent most of the time on the camper with the a/c on the following Monday he woke up sick and for 2 in a half weeks after that was sick. During the two weeks I tried getting ahold of the salesman the shop guys even Marcus lemonis’s team, the only way I got a hold of someone was when I threw red to sue them since I was positive there was mold in the camper and my son had been sick from it.

Another two weeks go by before they finally tell me to bring it in so I do, the shop guys had the file on it and there were 6 pages worth of crap wrong with this camper and nothing had been fixed on it not even the water damage that I was told was fixed. I was livid at this point then they wanted to charge me more money to fix the camper not happening after another two weeks of back and fourth b.s from them and camping world I finally got an offer to trade it in on a different camper and almost gave me what I paid for it back.

So here i am I fell for there crap again this time tho I thought nothing was going to be wrong with it since I went with a brand new camper this time in June2021, wrong again I am they had to fix a bunch of little things inside the camper I’ve used the camper four times since I bought it and just this past Monday I went on the roof to wash it off to make sure it stays clean and low and behold the roof is shot and holding water on the roof almost all the way down both sides of the roof and most of the roof is soft because of this.

I hope that at least one person sees this post and never buys a camper new or used from gander rv or camping world as they just aim to rip you off on campers that are garbage. Also don’t fall for this crap ( if your not happy, I’m not happy ) complete b.s

Name: Derrick Rothmeyer

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