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These people prey on people that don't know what they are looking for

Is this long enough for my complaints? 1st I worked for a company that was bought out by CW, got transferred to another facility, worked as a top 25 tech in billing hours for almost 2 years and had no raise.

Ask manager for a raise to be on par with people around me since I was knowledgeable and had proven it through my work. Was told I was too young and that he made that money at my age not to worry.

They didn't give me a raise I went above him and got my raise, they stole my work after that and left me with no dispatched work on mandated days to work. I then got fired for "threatening" to punch the manager in the face (didn't happen) so I sued them for unpaid over time wages and they settled... then being I worked there I live full time in an RV (I know RVs) I had a basement AC go out because of a electrical failure at my park (neutral merged with L2) insurance covered it.

I ordered a refurbished ac from alfateers it arrived in May 2019, it arrived July 2019 the day it arrived I installed it. Compressor 2 didn't turn on, switched the power inputs to check if my end or theirs. It was still the same compressor 2 didn't fire.

In the mean time contacted them and told them it arrived not working they asked if we could diag it. I looked found capacitor was miss wired and emailed them and called stating I wanted a new ac, they had the service writer quit and it got forgotten for 2 months, finally got ahold of them they agreed in Nov 2019 to replace the ac, meanwhile (lawsuit) couldn't go there, then the pandemic happened.

Finally dropped it off in June of 2020 they shipped it out. And now it's been over a year and they are saying it was tampered with (I'm ac certified) and that it was no warranty. I could have fixed this myself for the price of a compressor.... but they wanted to honor is and I agreed. Now I'm out a 4k ac with pictures and documentation and they don't want to do anything... also most rvs are borderline fraud when they are built... these people prey on people that don't know what they are looking for or at.. I know what to do and still can't fight the might of the money they have.... they push good people out for money for the rich ones... of and Jeff Meyers is a liar..

Name: Christian

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