They are over priced, lie to the people, are very fraudulent, and very conniving

I wanted to share my experiences with Camping World in Wauconado, Illinois. I Prince Michael would never recommend anyone to do business with this company. Why?

They are over priced, lie to the people , are very fraudulent, and very conniving. All they think about Is Money and how much they can take from you.

I went there to buy a used old Jayco RV. They're asking $1000 for it. I told them that it is way to much money for that. Colton, salesman, asked me how much I would pay for the unit. I said, it has much damage and hss been sitting here for years. I will offer you $300 out the door. He said to me, "lets go up in front."

We did. They said to me they will give it to me for 500 plus dock fee ($299) and sales fee. Wow! What a rip off. And our government allows these Corporation to rip people off. Its all about Money.

Warning you will be sorry if you do business with Chicago camping world the Ceo is a fraudulent man. Marcus Lemon is a great pretender. The RV industrial world is ripping off millions of Americans and many know of it.



Name: Prince Michael

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