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They don't value customers

Brought my 40' motorhome for service and repairs to Campingworld Camping World Dover, 4811 McIntosh RoadDover FL 33527. Six months later, still not finished their 'repairs' demanding payment on what work they supposedly completed, while still not finished.

The work would take a total of 3 weeks to do, not 6 months and now being extorted to pay for something they claim to have done, yet they admit they are not yet finished what they started.

They have my motorhome, only leverage I have is paying for what work they claim to have done, and then cut my losses after 6.5 months an find someone else to do the remaining work (and potentially work they claim to have done). I would stay away from this chain as they don't value customers, lack customer service, and now beginning to question if some of the work they said had to be done, really needed to be done.

Name: Will P.

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