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They have been stealing from retirees and families for years

Bought a 2018 Jayco Greyhawk 30x from camping world cedar falls Iowa. Pressured into buying it because only had two that we liked. Charged us 1500 to do a walk through which in my opion if they got it on trade didnt they do that all ready as a good busniess practice?

Young man who gave walk through been there two weeks lol two weeks. Stove air mirrors cameras city water hook up the winegaurd they installed for 900 bucks didnt work. Said oh we fix that next week for you np. lol not. bought the paint sealant dont do that didnt even clean outside so they didnt do it but charged us.

The only thing they fixed was back air. Ford fixed mirrors and cameras. Every time we took it back they said they fixed get it home damn all of a sudden it dont work lol. Call them thats an adventure they might call you back 6 hours later or maybe not at all. Lost all of our camping spots for two months there saying oh u dont need that to camp lol idiots i payed for a working camper doesnt matter if i need it or not its there it needs to work.

Anyway make long story short we traded it after two months just to not loose all our money we saved for 40 years. Ended up trading it was honest with the guy told him the whole story and her came within 30000 of what we payed so traded.

Today when i picked up new one which this man was honest and everything worked imagine that. He said the extended warranty they sold us for 9000 and 100 dollar deductable was the biggest. rip off he ever saw. Said I should report them. Theres on same term and no deductable was 5100.

If you do nothing else even if I am just out my hard earned money I want them to be closed they have been stealing from retires and families for years. Please please let me know if i can join your lawsuit. I want so bad to bring justice to these theifs.

Name: Gordon H Buchholz

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