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They lie, take advantage of, misrepresent and deceive

In June of 2021 We purchased a used 2006 Winnebago Adventurer 38T.

During our initial walk through, it was noted that the refrigerator needed to be replaced and that the rear leveling jack wouldn't retract. After purchase, it was another 2 to 3 weeks before we were able to bring it home. They made us turn in our trade on the day we signed papers. So we were effectively left with nothing for almost three weeks.

They replaced the fridge but told us the jack was on back order. However, the fridge has not functioned properly since day 1. Ice builds up in the freezer within 24 hours of turning it on. There is an air leak somewhere in it. They are yet to try and fix this for us. The leveling jack still has not been replaced 7 months later.

They told us it had brand new tires on it. After taking it out on the road, I could tell that something wasn't right, so I had it inspected. Come to find out all six tires were more than 6 years old and all had broken belts, flat spots, and weak spots. It was unsafe to drive. All six tires needed to be replaced at out expense, $6k later. The warranty they sold us for the tires would not cover them. Then I found that all of the storage bays were rotted through including the bay that holds the freshwater tank. They refused to do anything about it saying they sold it "as is." This was repaired for another several thousand dollars. Then there is the passenger side window in the cab section. The thermal pane seal is no good and fogs up between the pains so I cannot see in the mirrors. They also refused to fix it saying it is not their problem because they don't offer a warranty on used motorhomes. This is still not fixed as I am having a difficult time to find someone willing to attempt a fix.

This was our dream to own a motorhome and take it on the road. As much as it is a great unit inside, it has been nothing but a money pit and Camping World of Berkley does not stand by what they sell.

They lie, take advantage of, misrepresent and deceive. Calling Corporate was useless. All you get from them is Lip Service. I have not found one single individual that seems to care in this entire organization. And the ones who did care, no longer work there.

Name: Nate

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