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They literally said too bad

It's a very long story.

So my wife, who is a traveling CNA, and first responder, had a wonderful idea. The lease was about to be up where we lived and we'd been paying rent, utilities, and all the bills that go along with a rental property. We'd also been paying for rental cars, hotels, etc for my wife when she'd travel (not all travel expenses are reimbursed by employer).

My wife suggested we buy a motorhome, live in it, and travel the country for her work. Amazing idea. Or so we thought.

I did extensive research on motorhomes and which would be best for us. We decided on a Class A Forest River Georgetown XL 370ts. A 2006. It was perfect for us. It ticked all the boxes. Now b it was about where to buy. We were forst timers, and motorhome "virgins". With all of the research I did, I realized to late that the most important research, which I completely neglected to consider, was where we'd make the purchase.

We lived in Nebraska at the time and drove our wonderful car to Camping World in Coldwater Michigan. They had the exact motorhome we were looking for. It was put on the website as a consumer first sale. This means they originally intended to auction it, (we wanted a fixer upper for diy) but instead they made it available for the consumer. I found it and was excited.

I contacted camping world by phone.before ever going to Michigan for purchase. Understanding that it was used (almost 17 yrs old at the time.......purchase made 23, Sept, 2022) we knew it should have some minor issues. We explained our situation and intention to the camping world associate we spoke to. We asked very specific questions and made it.clesrbthat his answers would determine if we'd even travel to Michigan at all.

The 2 main things was that it had to be livable, and also roadworthy. This specifically meant that all seals for the door, windows, slides, etc must ne in good condition, or only require simple repair, as well as the breaks, shocks, etc, being in good working order. Well we were literally promised that it checked out. We made the trip to camping world.

When we arrived, I almost immediately asked if I could see the motorhome. They said no. It was in the bay being made ready for us and that we couldn't see it or test drive it before it was ready. We honestly didn't now any better and had no reason not to take camping world at their word, that it was in the condition promised. Our intent was to drive it back to Nebraska and load what we were taking with us on the road. They did inform us that the entry steps did not work properly and that it'd need a new motherboard.. (we found out later that there wasn't anything wrong with the steps, they had only been disconnected.)

We proceeded with the purchase, which turned out to be a fairly quick process. Almost as though they wanted to get us the keys and get us the hell out of there.

We also used our older, but perfect, car for trade in.

Soooo.......we get the keys and drive it away. We were just over 1000 miles from camping world and we started to have issues. There was an electrical short somewhere that was causimg small, but wierd issues. We also realized quickly that every single bump we drive over felt like a crater. Well, the bumpiness came from lack of shocks......I mean gone, or broken. All 4 of them. Also, one leaf spring was cracked and it had no sway bars. I quickly contacted campimg world. I mentioned the issues and they set me up to take it into CW of Lincoln Nebraska. I forst noticed the electical issue when the 12v cigar port didn't work, but all electrical was supposed to work fine. The Lincoln store (as a courtesy) was supposed to evaluate and fix the electrical. After 8 hours they tried to charge me labor, which I refused, per the supervisor at the Coldwater store. I figured out almost immediately that they fixed nothing. They said the 12 volt was fine, just needed a fuse. That was a lie, as they didn't change any fuses. The fuse for the 12 volt was burnt, so we know they didn't fix it.

They literally did nothing to fix the electrical. The problem was my wife having to work, so we couldn't wait and we got it back at closing.

Once we got it home, we figured out a slew of other problems.....

Like it wasn't read worthy at all. It was dangerous to us and everyone on the road, and the slides and leveling Jack's did n t work properly.

When I mentioned all of this to camping world, they literally said too bad. We bought it as is so its our responsibility.

They were 100% aware of the issues and knowingly lied to us (which I can prove) to make a sale. One thing leads to another and I have corporate on the line and they'll investigate and get back to me. Didn't hear back and they avoided my calls. I'm persistent amd relentless so not only did I get them on the line, but I made sure they did their job. After a couple of weeks I have to call them again to find out the status. They told me, with attitude, that they would not honor any repairs or replacement or refund because I purchased as is and they'd never promise a customer something they can't deliver.

I was treated like a liar amd as though I was just trying g to get something for free.

I ended up emailing Marcus Lemonis directly. "If you're not happy, I'm not happy!" That's a complete joke, and an outright lie. I had to email Marcus several times and he finally responded with a phone call. He was very rude, disrespectful, and tried to act tough over the phone, telling me that they will not touch the motorhome due to as is purchased and that I'm a liar for saying g we were promised anything. He said I better have a great lawyer too. (Little does he know that even though I'm not an attorney, courtrooms and the law are my wheelhouse.) I haven't filed suit yet due to life, and all of the problems caused by them and the motorhome (there are so many issues that it would take me several days of constant writing to even begin to get it all out) has caused mental, emotional, and physical issues with both my wife and I. To the extent that she couldn't work for a while outnof fear of accidentally harming a patient or resident.

I can prove that between CW and the motorhome itself, my wife has PTSD now.

Marcus treated us extremely badly and did not care that my wife is a licensed (in almost every state) CNA, and first responder, and that we likely had "issues outside of CW and the motorhome ".

I am disabled and retired. I can't work, even ifbi wanted to, amd so we rely on her income as she makes substantially more than my monthly check.

The motorhome is now permanently disabled and we are technically homeless due to mechanical failure that occurred on the interstate that never would have happened if CW hadn't lied from the beginning.

Name: Andrew Livingston

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