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This article will shed more light on this man's predatory business practices

I am not directly a victim. I only want to share some information here.

I would advise everyone posting here (who is not anonymous) to also complain to the Better Business Bureau ( In addition, write a Yelp review and a Google review. All of these are very important, as people do regularly check those reviews.

Also write a review on Trip Advisor. Saturate all of these with reviews of your experiences so that more people can see this man for who he is.

I started binge watching Marcus Lemonis on "The Profit." Then I became suspicious about a couple of scenes, and knowing that it was a reality show, decided to do some background checking. I found this article below, among others.

I dug up research on several of the businesses unfavorably mentioned in some of Marcus's failed business coup attempts. These episodes seem to be heavily edited and perceived conflicts are manufactured, according to at least some business owner comments that I managed to dig up.

This article will shed more light on this man's predatory business practices. Based on what I have seen here, I will not reward CNBC with further views of his show, and will warn anyone with a family business, no matter how desperate you may be, not to trust him and not to accept a loan or business partnership from him.

Article from titled "Exclusive: 20 Business Owners claim there's a Dark Side to Marcus Lemonis's Reality TV Show "'The Profit'":

Among other things, participants must sign a contract: "As with any reality TV show, the journey on The Profit begins with signing away some of your rights. Inc. obtained the show's contract, which gives The Profit's production company, Machete, and CNBC, the legal right to "portray [a] company in a false light" and to "edit, cut, rearrange, adapt, dub, revise, modify, fictionalize" what the business owners say."

More at the article. Another paragraph that roused my interest states, "Even for reality TV standards, The Profit contract is overly "aggressive" and founded on clauses that could result in the "abuse" of contestants, says one well-known reality TV producer. He says the hidden-camera clause, the false-light clause, and the ability to edit and dub what contestants say--"Franken-biting," in reality TV jargon--hark back to the golden age of reality TV shows like Big Brother and Joe Millionaire, based on manipulating contestants.

Jonathan Handel, a lawyer in Los Angeles who represents documentary producers, says, "This contract says they will portray you however the hell they want. This is not something many people agree to unless they are desperate or ill-informed." Please be careful and avoid Marcus Lemonis; he is unscrupulous and cannot be trusted. Please review him on Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor,


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