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This has been nothing but a disappointing experience

Please let me know if you are doing another case! I’m in need of your help!

Bought my Class C in February 22,2022. Electric issues! Water issues! They are not treating me very well! They are blaming me for bumpy roads for some of the minor stuff. But they never tested the water system, all the faucets are filled with plastic shavings.

Electric no lights in the center of the cabin paid out of my pocket on my vacation and the electric burned out in an hour and a half again , has to be a a hot wire grounded or something! They have NOT reimbursed me for the $750 receipt that I have. For days of my camper being worked on during my vacation. Unable to use my camper the entire two weeks I was down in Florida from Michigan.

This has been nothing but a disappointing experience. I told them I do not want that thing back in my driveway with electrical issues because it would be nothing but chasing electrical for ever. Being that I am a single female I feel like they are taking advantage of me! I am tired of them walking all over me at this point and I have only owned this unit for less than two months. Any help you can provide me with or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated because I am done with this company.

These are a few pictures of the issues I have been having with my motorhome that I have owned less than two months. I would not mind if they were just small issues, but the electrical burning out most of the lights in the Coach the stove surging like lightning in the middle of the night, air conditioning sounding like a Harley. There was 26 Lines of things that were broken or not working on this coach and they had the audacity to ask me if I was driving down bumpy roads.

Never ending issues!

Dark video is the stove knob lights surging while I was in bed:

Next is the shower at FULL PRESSURE:


They going to put the blame on me for their crappy craftsmanship! I am over it and they can have this lemon back and give me my money back I’m done. Any help you can provide me with or point me in the right direction to get this done would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Anonymous

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