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This will be my first and only purchase from Camping World!

Let me first say this will be my first and only purchase from Camping World!

My spouse , Father in law and I bought a 2021 Salem Forrest River February 2022. From the looks of it, when we bought it was “fantastic”however this was far from fantastic once we signed our life away. What sold us on buying this unit was the amenities and the size.. not to mention the price was right in our budget! Now looking back of course this was in our budget because of all of the problems we were about to face! Side note we bought this unit for a great price because previous owner had a cat that caused minor defects in the furniture (claw marks). It took them several days to get the previous smell of cat pee odor out of the unit and we were informed they were to clean the unit prior to us taking it home to get all the smell and existing kitty litter fragments out of the carpet areas.

After purchase inspection day (this is the day you are excited it’s yours and you are to go home with your unit.) We we’re informed each unit has over a 200 point inspection to ensure everything is working properly. One thing my spouse and I noticed during this inspection was an awful smell coming from the restroom.. we were informed this would be taken care of by the gentleman preforming our inspection..everything else seemed fine but again you are in a daze because you are so excited !

Day 1 home- Feb 24,2022 My spouse and I were getting everything set up.. By stabilizing the jacks .. we found out that the back jack door side was BROKEN!!!! how could this be. I immediately got on the phone with customer care to file a complaint so someone could fix it.

Day 1 continued…. Our children were so excited to stay then evening in the unit so we decided why not.. when we got inside you could smell cat pee and this awful smell coming from the bathroom.. my husband went inside to flush toilet.. and there was HUMAN FECES IN THE TOILET FROM THE PREEXISTING OWNER!!! My husband and I were so upset and we flushed out atleast 5 gallons of the previous owners pee and poop!! Again I immediately contacted the company they said they would get it solved…

Time passed on and still no word.. then randomly the guy from camping world showed up to inspect the unit to place the order for the parts…

More time passed on and still no word one Friday in March we had enough waiting.. no calls, emails nothing we went into Camping world Jacksonville and wanted to speak to the manager.. manager apologized for the problems, explained they couldn’t send someone out to clean for the kitty litter but could give us some tank solution for the black water tank.. and also informed us parts we ordered for our Jack.

April 11th 2022 - we still have not heard anything from them so I reached out the the Marcus L email …”if you are not happy I’m not happy” bunch of bull if you ask me.. I sent them a 4 page email explaining the situation and the response I got was we are sorry a manager will reach out to you…. Um excuse me I have been down this already..but whatever! So I waited a day.. no call from the manager so April 13th we went in again … spoke to the same “service manager “ and this time he said our parts were ordered to be delivered in by the end of the month (April) just want to say here were in June still have not fixed this issue… we have ran into more issues now and still no luck! I hope this helps the next one making a purchase and maybe choose somewhere else. Don’t feed into the if you’re not happy I’m not happy bull… it’s all a lie!! I have much more to say about this.. I am hoping we all get justice for their wrong doing !

Name: Jestina

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