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Three weeks in - the interior is covered with condensate and mold

I hastily purchased a Coleman 17B to sleep in for several weeks until construction of our house was complete. After wasting hours of my valuable time rejecting drivel and stupid add-ons, I finally forced the finance guy to admit the payment was going to be $50 more per month than advertised because of all the ridiculous packages they tried to slip by me. I finally got them to just sell me the unit, and I took it to set up a few miles away.

Three weeks in - the interior is covered with condensate and mold. The sink leaks, the cook top is loose, the shower is loose, several lights don't work and the AC condensate is ALREADY rusty water, and that is the beginning. Of course, the sale person feigns concern, then the service folks just stonewall you. Coleman and Camping World need to be stopped. These products are so far below the minimal levels of acceptability it is mind boggling. This unit is clearly not 'new'. FYI Their arbitration agreement has limited protections - Our camper is now full of mold. Most States have Merchantability Laws, and Bodily Injury caused by health hazards can pierce the veil.

I have told them I want a new unit, so now crickets. I am lucky, I did not waste as much money as many of you. It will never happen again.

You simply should not buy from Camping World, save your money. Buy a boat. Most RV's are minimal quality, and some are worse. It is legal theft.

Name: Jim Clarke

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