Turned out to be a VERY poor decision

Purchased a 2020 Coleman from Camping World, even after reading negative reviews, thought, ohhh how bad can it be....that turned out to be a VERY poor decision. July makes one year, and we have a good seven major problems with the camper, and cannot get them to repair ANY of it under warranty. Even the things they agreed to fix, they can't seem to order the right parts, takes MONTHS for a response of any sort. I get the distinct feeling I am bothering them every time I set foot on the property. AWFUL experience. The walls in our camper are separating. It is literally falling apart, and we can't even get them to fix the awning they installed wrong.

If your fresh water drain is clogged, there are shavings in the tank from when they drilled the holes. You will need to dig them out.

Our doors fly open when we go down the road. Pretty cool. They don't care.

For anyone interested, also please google "Lippert frame failures" before buying another camper.

Name: Dan

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