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Two days later my camper flooded

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a disabled veteran. My husband I purchased a 2022 heartland mallard M335 back in June 2022. We picked it up June 28.

Two days later my camper flooded.

This is my story, and it has tremendously impacted my husband and I’s life.

So I bought my camper from Camping World Denton on June 28th, 2022

So far….

June 28th -rv purchase

July 2nd - rv delivered

July 3rd - RV floods (piping in back bedroom was not installed correctly. Called camping world and they were not able to come out until the following weekend

July 9th- camping world came out to asses the damages

July 10th- rv went to camping world to be fixed

-Stayed in a hotel for 3 days

-Camping world paid for 1 day, my husband and I paid for 2.

July 14th- camper went back to rv park.

July 16th- hot water heater went out for the 2nd time, shower leaks and the washer and dryer still leaks

July 23rd- camping world sent mobile tech to “fix” hot water heater.

July 26th- hot water heater broke again. shower still leaks, the washer and dryer is still leaking, Boards are not fixed that was from water damage

July 30th- both Acs go out

Aug 28th- camping world finally comes out to check it out. (They said that they had to get warranty approval. 🤥) I had to call corporate in order for them to come out and look at the ACs.

Sept 9th- the technician finally comes out, and fix is only one of my ACs. And claims to have fixed the hot water heater along with the leaking under both sinks (washer and dryer. Flooding is still not fixed and my boards for my closet in the washer and dryer from the water. Damage is still not replace).

Sept 18th- hot water heater goes out again (even though they said that they replace the entire hot water heater) my fluid tank is still broken where I can see if my gray water in my black water is full.

Nov 8th- I made a call to Campingworld and I told them that we were moving. They have had all the way from November to September to bring a technician out to fix these issues and they knew that we were moving.

Nov 26th - we ended up moving back to Texas and I called Campingworld and as of right now all of my calls have went to voicemail and they have not called me back and here we are and it’s almost March.

I am stuck with a camper that has

1.) severe water damage under the carriage and around my gray water /black water tank.

2.) my AC is still broken in the bedroom that I bought and paid for and spent 1800.

3.) both of my sink still leak.

4.) my slide out, leaks on the right, hand side and goes from one slide out to the other because of all the water.

5.) the top of my slide out where the roof is also leaks.

6.) my washer and dryer still leaks.

7.) my shower leaks.

8.) and because of all the moisture from everything leaking in the water damage my walls and trim are starting to come apart.

9.) my heater does not work in the master bedroom so it’s literally freezing cold when I’m sleeping.

10.) and to top it all off. I have mold in my master bedroom, and I had to throw away a mattress because mold had gotten on the bottom of my mattress that came with the camper. I had to put my mattress from my original bed that we had from my house and put it in a mattress encasement to protect it from the mold. And yes, there is still mold all over the wall in the master bedroom that is by where the washer and dryer leaks.

I have so many more photos, considering that under my carriage is now bowing out.

I have called Corprate for Camping world several times and they keep giving me the runaround and told me that they will not help me. You will see an email and this is the first time I reached out to them and my representative was supposed to be Hailey. It took me a month and a half to get a hold of her because her phone kept going to voicemail I had to call her supervisor for her to call me.  she told me that they won’t do anything to help me.

As of right now, it is now almost March 2023 and our camper still not fixed and it has severe water damage all over the camper and it’s still leaks. I now have mold in the bedroom and I have been to the hospital 3 to 4 times because I have been blocking out with severe nose bleeds. Unfortunately, my husband and I have nowhere else to go and this is our home. Camping World should be ashamed of their selves.

Anybody else having these issues?

Name: Christina Carter

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Hi Christina. I have been complaining to them about this false advertising about “helping the vets” and “if you’re not happy, I’m not happy” nonsense. I have met several vets with similar issues.

but if I can help you I will. Check the lemon laws for RVs in your state. Also there is a group of lawyers I found who take lemon law cases with RVs and they do Not charge you to help you. Look up Timothy Abeel and associates. They might be able to help you in your case especially.

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