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Very frustrated and upset customer!

May 22, 2023

RV Relations/Camping World

Attn: Customer Service

REF: 2022 Dutchman Atlas 2202 RB

Well once again I am writing because my brand new camper is still in the shop with no definite answers as to the water leak in the NEW camper.

Camper was delivered on April 5, 2023 and is still at Camping World for the following:

Water leaking from wall at bedroom and kitchen floor

Electric Tounger is inoperable – has been replaced

The awning does not come in all the way – one side stays out further than the other – repaired

When turning furnace on the fan runs the whole time – thermostat replaced.

Let’s discuss the water leak –

1) First was told to file an insurance claim due to tree limb falling on the camper. Insurance was denied due to spider cracks on both sides of the top of the camper. I was told the fiberglass has been repaired.

2) Next was told – could not find where the water leak originated but thought it could possibly be the kitchen sink. Now was told that was not the problem

3) Now I have been told it was from the passenger side of the bedroom window. A replacement window has been ordered.

My question – the water puddle is in the middle of the camper and there is no water on the floor from the window to the puddle – so does that mean the water is coming thru the ceiling or the wall?

Question – why would I believe anything I have been told up to this point.

Since I have purchased the camper, I have had the camper for 40 days and Camping World had it 40 days for the first repairs, I had it again for 46 days and now Camping World has it going on 37 days.

I am paying for a camper that I have not been able to use, paying for a permanent site with nothing on it and no faith that anyone knows where the water leak originates or how much damage is done to the ceiling or floors.

Needless to say you have no faith in your product because I asked to trade it in and would have to take a hit of $15K for depreciation. Really how can something depreciate that fast when you have had it as much as me. What an absolute disappointment this whole experience has been. No worries from you guys but believe me I would NEVER recommend buying from Camping World or even the Dutchman product at this point.

I am sure nothing will be done but the same old line “as long as warranty replaces everything, it is all good”. Well believe you me, it is not all good. Your sales department needs to be trained to warn new buyers that they will not have the camper the first year. The products are not up to standard and you are not actually buying a new product so be prepared to not use your camper the first year. A discount should be given every time that the service department has it for warranty work and the sales team should take a hit on their commission and maybe somebody will have a little compassion for the consumer.

Very frustrated and upset customer!

Name: Tina Dula

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